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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-03-24
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It has recently been said that old age and sex mix quite well. Apparently it is closed stereotypical minds that believe otherwise and view old age as a vast underworld of lost libido or doctor-prescribed sexual denial. Nothing could be further from the truth as "Lusty Grandmas" show us the stuff that Granny is made of!

The premise is that there is a very unwavering internal need or drive for sexual fulfillment in a woman aged in her 60's, 70's and even 80's, and so that need can be fulfilled by much younger men, some of whom are young enough to be their grand kids.

The women are not the fake Barbies that many think of when they think porno, nor are they ravishing beauties, far from it, but they possess something even more important, for they are likable. They look at the ravages of age on their bodies; yet can still desire sex, and even exceptionally kinky sex.

Expect to see the likes of your grandmother being fisted, giving head, and being ass fucked. Further anticipate for her to scream out in pure pleasure from those kinky sexual practices. And you thought that when and if grandma gave herself to grandpa for procreation purposes that they only did it in the missionary style with the lights out?

You'll find yourself amazed by the fact that they are proud of their piercings and various tattoos, and you'll marvel too that they still love being whipped and care for rough sex of all kinds. The body may have aged, but meanwhile the mind was extremely busy creating scenarios and hardcore fantasies that you never would suspect if you saw grandma rocking with her knitting on the porch. You'll view granny creampies, and even see double penetration on this site.

The sexual experience that these older ladies bring forth really shows, as they perform deep-throating that sends their younger paramours in paroxysms of incredible pleasure. It's very obvious, too, that this is certainly not their first time blowing hard cocks!

Please don't get me wrong. These sex-savvy women are not all in their 80's, as some of them are still in their very early 60's I am sure. Of course, with some of them it's obvious that they've had kids, and nursed them, judging by the sag of their tits, but darn it, everyone eventually gets touched by Mother Nature's "zap, you're old" trick.

Personally, I loved this site for the chutzpah that it took for these ladies to appear naked and in porno shoots, allowing their inhibitions just hang out for all to see and take part in. On the other hand, perhaps the joke is on me, because they had such fun making these.

This site may be a new and undiscovered territory for you, but it will reduce the fears you may have had of not having sex any more when you grow old. Just the opposite is true, as you'll see.

Lastly I have to mention the great bonus sites you will get for your one reduced membership price. You will have access to the whole 21 Sextreme network of 14 exclusive extreme hardcore sites, plus another 18 bonus channels. That means over 5700 exclusive scenes that cover a great variety of nasty niches.


If you like older ladies and their obvious experience, this is the site is for you! With your membership you get a huge number of exclusive bonus sites full of exclusive nasty hardcore. Throw in a great discounted price and you have a real bargain on your hands.

Score: 88

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Pros & Cons

  • How can one not mention how absolutely hot these older ladies are?
  • Discounted price for Tylers Porn Review Readers
  • Many of these women are shown as totally uninhibited sexual beings, and I liked that!
  • They take their time to act out their fantasies, and then they allow us to watch it.
  • Older videos are lower quality

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