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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-11-30
Last Updated: 2013-12-12

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It is often said that mature women seem to take pleasure in sex more, and I believe that that's what Anilos is trying to show us. According to the site, the definition of Anilos is: 1. Of or like a mature woman of advanced years; a mature woman of interest. 2. Commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity. This does seem to fit the way that women are portrayed on Anilos. Just as in anything, whether it involves choosing an item from a menu at a high-quality restaurant, to sitting next to a nice-looking girl at a bar to see if you wish to pick her up, having the right to choose is of extreme importance to a human being, but especially to a male.

Thus, this serves up choices, and what splendid choices they are too. The site abounds in lovely good-looking women. But it is important to note that it has women who have tasted life, and who are not pseudo-17 year-olds. No, for these are women, not teenyboppers, who have known the joys of sex for a few years and are still feeling as sexy and horny as can be. With each lovely model that knowledge of how electrifying sex can be downright shows, and it's stimulating and erotically invigorating as it can be!

What will you see? A great mix of gorgeous mature women in their 30's through their 70s even. The range is from posing semi-clothed all the way to very hard core, but the point is that it's all done with the highest quality!

This amazing site currently has over 275 mature models, with 135,172 Hi-res images and 16,921 minutes of videos to show you, these are all exclusive content, and daily updates too! With archives that can be found on a monthly basis, it is so easy to find what you desire here. The model directory is well arranged, as is the model stats, and bios. As for the bios, oh do they ever make for interesting reading! One of the questions is "Where is the strangest place you ever had sex?" Some of the answers will totally surprise you!

Other than the amazing females, the amazing sex, and the amazing technical choices you can make here is the amazing quality! Can you tell that I am thoroughly amazed by this site?

There are over 1250 videos available currently all of which can be streamed with their almost instant Flash browser. Formats available in all kinds of choices include WMV as well as MPEG, and they have also taken care of offering MP4 formats for those with iPhones, etc. The movies are also available as full scenes or in clips. There are no license restrictions on the site (no DRM) so you may download away with no download limit either. Most of the movies last approximately 12 minutes.

As for the picture galleries the current count is 135,172 total pictures, which is just an amazing number! All of the pictures come in Zip files to make downloading easier too!


In conclusion, it is so refreshing to see mature women who are actually pleased with themselves enough to pose and be videotaped having sex, who do not have the vapid bored stares of the younger models! I cannot recommend this site any higher if you seek reality, and beautiful real sexy women.

Score: 93


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair


Videos 1255+ video clips (about 12 min each)
Pictures 1295+ galleries (about 105 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Model index model bios are superb
  • Videos pics very high quality
  • Exclusive content
  • Daily updates
  • No bonus sites
  • Site design at times a little confusing

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