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Warm Kiss Review

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Reviewed by: Dave on 2009-11-05
Last Updated: 2009-11-05

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Warm Kiss as the name implies is a small exclusive type of amateur adult site that can be quite interesting to the surfer who is looking for a simple navigable website with choice videos etc. The pages are conveniently built up in a general manner with more images than written text. Well, one can guess that most visitors to adult sex sites are seeking pictorial (videos and images) content and not long worded descriptions etc. Warm Kiss therefore caters to a limited number of videos and galleries for people to browse and download. The archive content is a result of the updates that take place once in a while. Top downloads could be large files in the GB range requiring careful planning if you wish to download any of them. Only a fast Internet connection will be able to help you in this context. Warm Kiss is a good example of the acronym K*I*S*S (they call it Keep It Simple Stupid or more appropriately Keep It Sweet Simple) since the videos and galleries could not be more simply laid out than on this website! The content is very clear and you can download large files without any hassles or complications.

Two types of versions are available for the videos - SD and HD. Clarity is the criteria for choosing one or the other versions of downloads and the process is extremely simple through right click and "save as"! To be frank, an average visitor desires nothing more since if you can find the scenes or movie that appeals to your sinful senses, what more would you desire than to quickly download it and watch the result in the comfort of your bedroom or boudoir. The models are attractive enough and show that certain charm that draws one to their curvaceous folds. The site also caters to several categories and will tempt diverse visitors to repeatedly patronize its web pages. Most people may find the content rather limited and the updating inadequate but one must realize that maintaining a website -even in these days of recession is no ordinary task. Warm Kiss in common with similar websites tries to keep its kisses warm by content that is quite striking to tempt their permanent visitors and members.

The one page scrolling layout of the website is easy to browse and download content. The images are large for more details to be visible. I am sure that in the near future Warm Kiss will turn into a Hot Kiss(!) with more delightful content and magnetic galleries comprising of frequently updating models and couples who will manage to draw in a large group of adult patrons. The webmasters of Warm Kiss should think of furthering their cause by more aggressive marketing of this website on the Internet. Some additional extras may also help in more growth of the website.

People having a large store of unlimited bandwidth broadband connections will particularly enjoy the large files available -for their offline viewing pleasure and building an enviable titilating library!


This website does have its charm though it may be a small one for the average adult fan. Small can be beautiful and alluring as Warm Kiss adequately demonstrates. I have seen hundreds of amateur and pornstar websites in my time and found Warm Kiss useful for those rainy days. Clear and well clipped scenes help in making this a site worth being a member of.

Score: 80


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair


Videos 40+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 10+ galleries (about 20 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Small but attractive adult amateur website
  • Clear galleries, images and videos
  • Exclusive content with no download limit
  • Single page navigation facility that is easy to handle
  • The content could be enhanced to include more videos
  • Smaller clips or Preview clips will sell the site more
  • Frequent updating of content will promote this venture in a better way