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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-05-29
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Is there any name in hardcore porn that makes your ears perk up like some kind of Doberman that hears a noise in the middle of the night? In most guys' mind nothing says raunchy sex like Hustler, for it is the undisputed King of crude sex, the most vulgar of the vulgar, and it has the coarse loutish reputation for being connected to gross unabashed sex in every manner possible. Yep, that's Hustler alright, the same Hustler that bedecks barber shops all over the world, and the same Hustler whose centerfolds frequently are found hanging on the walls of ice fishing shacks in Northern Canada. Hustler has a reputation to maintain and protect, and they've done a great job of it via Hustler HD!

It used to be that when a young boy was ready to learn all about the color "pink" at its pinkest, he'd find a Hustler magazine and learn that pink does not necessarily mean the color of pointe ballet toe shoes that girls envision when they hear the color pink. Pink has a whole new meaning to those who know all about Hustler, and thus the repute continues in Hustler HD.

Currently there are 804 of the hottest videos to prove to you what pink really means offered in Hustler HD. Of course each and every one of them is available in High Definition and on average they last about 22 minutes each. Flash stream them in glorious 960x540, or download them in either WMV 3100k, for 1280x720, or MP4 3100k, for 640x360 that will be found on the more recent updates. In addition there are 168 DVDs for you to watch, thus adding the two together, there are 972 videos available.

With 2415 different current photo galleries, you will think you died and went to heaven. Each gallery holds about 25 pictures each, and yes they are Zipped for the taking. However, those galleries are supplanted by so many other pictures, it's difficult to zero in on only those, after all there are tons of pictures available in the online magazines, other Hustler sites, etc. The availability just grows and grows.

In addition you will get to see Hustler magazines right there online, and you'll also get to peruse a grand total of 18 other Hustler sites when you join Hustler HD. These include Barely Legal, Hustler, Hometown Girls, Hustler's Lesbians, Beaver Hunt, Anal Hookers, Busty Beauties, Scary Big Dicks, Hottie Moms, Muchas Latinas, Asian Fever, Hustler's College Girls, Bossy MILFs, Hustlaz, Hustler's Taboo, VCA XXX, Too Many Trannies, and also Daddy Gets Lucky.

Lucky will be you, if you join, for the amount of updates will thoroughly dazzle you. After all, do you think you can keep up with about 50 videos a month being added regularly? Then too there are tons and tons of Hustler ezines available, considering the new as well as the back issues of the ezines. Then too you will find Hustler feeds as well. Do keep in mind though that everything mentioned here is Hustler exclusive, meaning that a few things may overlap.


In conclusion, it's difficult to narrow down what a site like this is about since there are so many wondrous avenues to go down. Hustler is Hustler, you already know them to be extremely high quality purveyors of all that is sexy, and you are already quite aware of the caliber of their amazing models. What more can one say? It's a must!

Score: 90


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Videos 804+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 2415+ galleries (about 25 pics each)
Models 1044

Pros & Cons

  • Hi Definition videos galore
  • All of site in Hustler quality
  • 1044 models and climbing daily
  • Tremendous bonus sites
  • Older scenes are just OK in quality
  • Pictures are unfortunately not in Hi res.

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