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Trannies In Trouble Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-02-27
Last Updated: 2010-02-27

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This site is called Trannies In Trouble because it is a tranny site for bondage. The Trannies in bondage go through a lot of squirming and carrying on once they are tied and left to writhe, fidget and otherwise try to get out of their tight bonds. The bondage is definitely quite unyielding and stringent which makes it doubly fun to watch. The trannies themselves are pretty much well dressed, and well made up, and the wigs that are worn look to be rather expensive thus the hair moves correctly as they writhe.

With approximately 160 videos, there's lots of fun to be had. There is more than one tranny in the videos but the majority feature beautiful Sandra in a bunch of trouble for sure as she's tied helplessly by Domina Delilah! As for the bondage talents of Domina Delilah, she's excellent. Her ties are marvelous without hurting the submissive trannie, but on the other hand there's no way to let yourself loose once your tied either. The videos are high quality, well photographed and extremely entertaining. The trans women here are definitely having fun, and the focal point of the site is on bondage, trans-femininity, and eroticism. It is not a hardcore site whatsoever. The videos play in Windows Media Player, and must be downloaded first to play for about 6 minutes each.

The shemales, of which there are over 38 of them, on this site are quite careful with things like their hair, the makeup being just so, matching colors, and of course their clothing styles. I have noted that when one of them is writhing on a couch or nice carpeting, she does not ever rub her makeup on them to soil them, thus I can also say that the girl's deportment also has class! The girls are just lovely to look at and look great in lingerie, heels, boots and stocking, which is just the way that a tranny site should be. Seeing all the outfits was a good part of the fun of this site. Some of them will dress in secretary outfits, putting on very pretty dresses and delightfully short skirts. Meanwhile others might wear sissy uniforms such as maids and hostess outfits. Even fetish wear like latex and tall boots can be found inside.

It must be the sadist in me, but one of the things I love to watch when a gal is into tight bondage is not just the writhing, though that's sexy as hell, but when the lady in question gets fed up with going nowhere with the squirming and the like, and she loses itslamming her hands on herself sometimes, or her head against the couch or such. This site has a lot of those, and of course the Domina laughing in the background pretty much completes the picture wouldn't you say?

As for the pictures on the site, each of the picture galleries has a description of what's happening, who it is, and makes references to the contents of the pictures. It's all well written which to me exemplifies how much someone actually "cares" about the site. The pictures are extremely clear, professional and highly colorful. There are even stories that are well written that goes with some of the pictures. Absolutely delightful! There are about 260 galleries and there are approximately 50 pictures in each. The majority of them are Zipped for download.


In summation, if you love good looking trannies mixed with tight bondage, then this is definitely the site for you! The pictures are wonderful, and so are the videos. It's a very well cared for site. When you check out their pictures, often you forget that you are looking at a tranny rather than a gal! Kudos for that! All in all it's a great site!

Score: 89


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap


Videos 160+ video clips (about 6 min each)
Pictures 260+ galleries (about 50 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Tons of pictures
  • Lots of good videos
  • Most galleries are Zipped
  • Site has good writing for a change!
  • No bonus sites
  • Site itself needs to be arranged differently

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