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The Training Of O Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-02-16
Last Updated: 2017-08-14

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The premise behind this site is of course a take off on the widely renowned and ever popular book "The Story of O" by Pauline Reage. The book is mandatory in anyone's BDSM library and thus the creators of this wonderful site have relied on the notoriety of this book to attract those interested in BDSM sites. Kudos to whoever came up with the title for this site, I consider it a brilliant move on their part.

To say that they have completely adhered to the original story is being far fetched, but only as the storyline goes. The intrinsic BDSM values that were brought out in the book are here for us to behold. They rely on the fact that submissives, be they actors or simply masochistic women who need to be "used", have come to their training academy for four very intensive days of training, complete with slave quarters and the most wonderful chain-laden site you can imagine.

At first the women are tested to see where their weak points are as slaves. One is a terrible cocksucker, and therefore needs ample training under the lash to better her craft. Another needs posture training, and thus will be tortured and whipped until she learns to stand at rigid attention thrusting out her breasts for the whip until the Dominant male is satisfied.

Each time a female slave is found wanting in one thing or another, the Dominant in charge of that particular slave will make sure that she toes the line or suffers tremendously for her penance. The punishments for various transgressions are not solely limited to being brought under a ferocious whip. At times they are made to lick a filthy floor, or clean toilets, all things that a "true" slave would experience, including being made to do those things under the watchful eye of a Dominant armed with a whip or flogger.

Unlike so many sites that use "ketchup" or some other means of showing us blood, the marks on this site are exceedingly real. Whipmarks that visibly rise under a well-aimed camera lens are not easy to fake. When a female is brought to tears under either a ferocious beating or under strict psychological questioning the camera captures the tears threatening to spill out of her eyes, and then the camera stays on the slave until we are satisfied and yes, enthralled by her tears of pain.

If ever you've been fortunate enough to attend a local BDSM club and watch the pure intensity of the scenes that take place there, you'll agree that the passion being exhibited has the same concentration on these videos as the real thing does! I could not give the site a better recommendation than to compare it with real time viewing of BDSM scenes. If you are not a fan of ultra-tight bondage, real marks and authentic pain brought on by a BDSM scene, then stay far away from this site. But if you are such a fan, you'll not be disappointed with the work these folks have wrought.


If you are in the BDSM lifestyle and know what a scene should look like, what a Dominant should sound like, and better yet what an obedient submissive should look like, you'll love this site! Members now get full access to all the Kink sites, which means over 11,000 exclusive scenes across 30 BDSM and bondage sites.

Score: 86

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Pros & Cons

  • There are so many, it's hard to find just one, but I'll say that it's the realism of the site
  • There's no one word that applies to almost all of the scenes portrayed, but intensity
  • Discount on monthly membership
  • Full access to 30 Kink sites included with membership
  • The "helpers" they've used do not seem to be BDSM lifestyle involved. They act as if they are doing a job
  • Occasionally there are distractions that are disturbing, such as loud noises emanating from off camera
  • Perhaps the last two cons above should have been edited out

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