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Reviewed by: Sadie on 2009-10-24
Last Updated: 2009-10-24

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With some porn sites on the web, a simple name can tell you everything you need to know about the site. It's not always like this, obviously. Not every porn site is going to tell you the truth. Some will attempt to mislead you with their colorful titles.

Can you imagine a site called, "Don'"? No, I didn't rightly think so. Luckily, the site does a great job of living up their name, more so than competitors. This is good news for you horny potential visitors out there.

Now, this type of site isn't everyone's cup of tea. And if you don't drink tea, then you're probably gay, anyway, and need to be visiting Asshole Bludgeoning. Ten is a mega-site, basically, offering you access to 12 porn sites for the price of one. With the main site, Ten com, you'll get a little bit of everything from interracial to painful anal. Other sites of the network are strictly niche-specific, like Asian18, Booty Sisters, AssMeat, Tit World and Lesbian Ass.

As soon as you log onto the homepage of Ten, you'll notice the big-budget look and feel of the site. Essentially, Ten is a movie archive, giving you access to scenes featuring nearly 2,000 porn stars in total. That's a lot of silicon! If fake tits were gold, these skanks could double-breastedly revamp America's economy. But since they're not, I'm sure Obama would settle for a hummer. Speaking of the Schmuck-in-Chief, I'm sure he has a bailout ready for Ten - it's too big to fail. The girls are a wide mix, the scenes are sporadic (in a good way), and the massive amount of content is a field day for any true porn-loving horn-dog.

If you've used the on-demand feature of your cable network (please don't tell me you have a satellite. For fuck's sake!), the site is similar to that. You can browse the covers of DVD titles and find a scene you like, or you can narrow your search through your particular niche with the advanced search feature. Currently, the site is pushing well over 5000 full-length scenes, available as a download to watch on-site. The view quality is superb on either the site's popup player or a WM download. And members have access to over 500 galleries of high-quality pics.

One of the best features of Ten is the constant updates that happen. You'll probably end up doing more browsing than wanking, but that might be a good thing. There's only so much that little guy can take! Oh, you didn't think I was watching you!? Don't use the "it was cold" excuse. You were in Miami! Anyway, back to the whores. The site's layout is definitely user-friendly, and you won't have to search long or hard to find something that tickles your fancy.


All told, I happen to think Ten com is worth a solid 9 on that all-important scale. Yeah, it doesn't live up to the name verbatim, but there's tons of lesbian content, and that really gets my kitty a-purrin'. Well, these days, it's more like a tiger: big, orange and a danger to pet.

What you'll get with the site is well worth the price-average for a porn site-you'll pay for access. With 12 sites in total, nearly 5500 scenes, a gaggle of porn starlets, and a high-class look and feel, may be the only site you'll need for a while. They could probably incorporate a few more niche sites, but the 12 they have are packed full of high-quality content.

Score: 90


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap


Videos 5500+ video clips (about 60 min each)
Pictures 500+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Tons of content
  • 12 sites for 1 price
  • Regular updates
  • Good quality vids and pics
  • Not a wide selection of niche-specific content
  • A bit of unoriginal content

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