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Restrained Elegance Review

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Reviewed by: Dave on 2009-10-08
Last Updated: 2009-10-08

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As is the case with almost all Tyler Reviews websites the log in was pretty easy and straightforward. Nothing unusual or misleading about this aspect in Restrained Elegance!

Large images of "restrained" ladies greet you before you hit the member's login button. This is the landing page that allures your imagination for unrestrained pleasure in sensual "restrained" elegance! Interesting female bondage poses will seed your mind with unfathomable thoughts of what you can expect in the videos and pictures to follow. The pop-up member form will allow you to type in your user id and password, taking you immediately to the member's entrance page. So far so good! Though it could be a case of excitement and you may like to hurry down the restrained elegance way it could be advisable to look at the various pages that guide you to the use of this website. This is the usual recommendations all experts and regular visitors give to new subscribers since a bit of additional knowledge is no dangerous thing, it helps you in following your "unrestrained" adventure in a smooth and pleasurable manner.

As you reach the first step of restrained heaven you can say hello to Abigail and Aideen (they may of course retire to their videos in an archive by the time you read this however great pics will replace the front page before you can say WOW! Alina may entice you in her army outfit or Annalee may invite you to a chair bondage session. Revere the delightful restrains that pin your thoughts down for greater "woman-handling" in a rather arousing way! As one travels down the alphabetical lanes from A to Z of immense scintillation, one can feel the restraints of stopping at each pic and desiring to enter this harem of curvaceous proportions. A Wica, Wendy or Zoe will complete your unrestrained dreams of encountering a female that can be delightfully restrained to do your innermost bidding. The logic of alphabetical listing will be appreciated by many.

This website does have adequate support pages for the visitor's guidance and troubleshooting. A positive aspect of Restrained Elegance is that the clips can be downloaded in compressed format. This saves some bandwidth for those members who have a restraint on their carnal downloads! Interested female visitors would also learn some new tricks of the trade and in this connection the website caters to both men and women. Though the content is well arranged, I could do with an editor who can filter the sultriness or otherwise of the ladies bound and gagged for BDSM pleasures. In other words, some content could be removed and more attractive ladies included in future updating.

You can relish over 27 hours of videos by browsing through 129 videos and over 40,000 images. The blog highlights the top 10 events of the day and it is interesting to read through many experiences. A fairly large collection of videos can be quite a time consuming task for the avid BDSM visitor.

Archives, Models, Links, Forum and update pages appear to be well organized though sometimes may become a bit boring!


This website is fairly elegant as the name signifies. The BDSM lover should find it interesting if not too engrossing. Life of bondage sex is sometimes difficult to understand though pleasure points can certainly arouse even the most passive person. In general this website compares well with the BDSM genre websites on the Internet.

Score: 80


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 130+ video clips (about 15 min each)
Pictures 400+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • The compressed file option is quite interesting and a plus point.
  • Clear images and a fascinating landing page.
  • Large collection of images, videos, clips, and forum postings.
  • Well administered with good overall information and guidance.
  • Only for BDSM lovers
  • Average adult visitor could be enticed by more subtle bondage that leaves something to the imagination!
  • Do not enter if your bandwidth is limited!

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