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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-07-02
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Erotic Beauty, a name for a site that describes it more than adequately, used to be named Met Models which makes sense since it was created by Met Art. We especially like the new name as it describes exactly what one will encounter on the site. Their models are in actuality some of the most fine-looking women in the entire world. One may state that in that way, since the models are actually selected from such locations as Canada, the US, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, the UK, Italy, Germany, the Ukraine, and of course Russia, to name but a few. Thus one can categorically say that they will always present you with the most striking, natural, spellbinding, glamorous and erotic women as well as girls in the entire world.

This individual site appears to focus more on the singular side of each of their models instead of the waiflike focus so often found on strictly model sites. Instead with their different focus you will see such things such as water play, outdoor scenes, and of course girl on girl erotica. What struck us as very different though is the incredible close up pussy spreads that brought pussy pictures to us that were so life like that we could not resist licking our chops as the pictures opened. Be prepared, as these photos are absolutely huge, opening up to sizes as large as 4288 x 2448.

What truly sets this site apart is the use of true amateurs, rather than professional models. Over and over again they stipulate that fact, and it does make a big difference. It is all pure erotic art with the emphasis on the word art. The photographers truly understand the use of light around and on the model's body, and they combine that with camera angles in methods that changes textures in ways unimagined by most photographers. What finally turns out is a stunning piece of aesthetic and very erotic art.

What is positively striking is the amount of sensuous pictures available here. At the moment, we have found 362,760 pictures, and that is a conservative guess, as an exact count is not available. It surely will not surprise you to find out that all the pictures shown here come to you in hi resolution. In addition, the various photo shoots are quite full as they each contain an average of 120 pictures each. Photos are of course taken by professional photographers, and it truly shows. Of course the pictures are all in Zipped form in order for you to download them easily. The Erotic Beauty site has absolutely no download limits, nor will you find any DRM which are license restrictions.

The browsing experience can be greatly enhanced by setting the browsing options to personally suite you. For example one may set the resolution on either high, medium or low, and one can preset the amount of thumbnails that one will view at one time. Even the navigation can be preset, going from enhanced to simple. Of course, one may preset the search results, but what is startling is the fact that one may set the measurements to reflect either Imperial, or metric depending on where one lives. Setting the sideshow delay is quite important to most, and as experienced in all search engines, one may work with various tags and whether or not to show the tags in the results or not.


In conclusion if you believe that the female body may be artistically posed as well as photographed to turn out an incredibly gorgeous piece of aesthetic and very erotic art, then you will definitely enjoy this site. It is filled with some truly amazing pictures of gorgeous women which have been rendered even more beautiful by the artistic photographers who truly understand light as well as the play of various angles on that beautiful body. Their updates are constant, and their awesome models truly are some of the most beautiful as well as natural as you'll see in any website.

Score: 90


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