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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-31
Last Updated: 2013-09-19

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Quality Control is a heavy soft core bondage site, which means that you will observe suspensions, overnight sessions, rubber, latex, leather, chastity belts, isolation bondage, duct tape, vacbeds, cages, robots, catsuits, heavy chains, mummification, straightjackets, time-delayed bondage, sleepsacks, cuffs, double hogties, shackles, immobilization, escapology, pillories, arm binders, handcuffs, bondage showers, outdoor bondage, wheelchair bondage, stockades, rubber hoods, armbinders, sheathes, gags, zip ties, pantyhose bondage, oh, yeah, almost forgot, ropes! There is also a small very ingenious box that they refer to as Segufix, I think.

The key to totally inescapable bondage is by far ingenuity first, and secondly having the right tools, and truly I've never seen a bondage site that is so well equipped. That should tell you that this is a serious bondage site, by real practioners who really and truly love the bondage arts.

When you first enter the site, you'll find that it's been divided up into very simple categories, first you'll see archived picture galleries, and you'll also have a choice of viewing video galleries. Each picture set, and each video has a medium sized thumbnail showing you what the scene is going to consist of, as well as the date that it was updated to the site. You will also find that there are also bonus galleries.

With over 354 videos, this site is actually incredibly big, and most of the videos play for about 20 minutes, including some that come up to four parts each. The movies are Zipped for you, thus you'll have to download them onto your computer, unzip them and then play them. The videos are well videographed, and the quality is quite good. Downloading took a good while with each video, even though I have a very high speed Internet connection. All of their movies are there for six months, then rotated out. Thus if you like one clip over another a lot, you must download that clip to your hard drive.

As for the pictures, there are so many it's hard to count them all, however there are approximately 50 pictures per set though it varies widely, and there are over 144 sets, but that's not quite the truth, as many sets have sets within them. For instance, Corrina has 28 different sets all within her sets, so chances are you can probably say that there are easily 200 sets of pictures available in this site all balanced out. The pictures are all clear, filled with color and are obviously taken by a professional photographer. They too of course come Zipped for ease in downloading.

The babes themselves are in all ranges of looks, some ultra thin, and some stocky, and hair color and eye color is very diverse. They are not all teens either, ranging from about 18 to maybe 35 years old. The models are not all white, though predominately so, as there are some incredible black beauties there too.

There are no bonus sites, and there is also no model index, but since both the movies and the pictures are arranged by the model's name, you should be aware of that much. There are also no search features, which would be great if there were, and there is no rating system set up.


In conclusion, if you are a bondage devotee, this site is absolutely made for you. The babes are rendered absolutely helpless in most cases, sometimes unable to even flex a finger! The material used for the bondage defies description often, so you'll be able to pick up a lot of ideas for your bondage workshop here too!

Score: 71


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap


Videos 354+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 200+ galleries (about 50 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Incredible amount of equipment
  • Nice videos and pictures
  • Very strict adherence to the niche
  • No search features
  • No rating system
  • No model index