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Pure Taboo Review

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Reviewed by: Tyler on 2018-06-21
Last Updated: 2018-06-21

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Taboo sex has long been available on porn sites, but there are levels of taboo. These days, setting up fantasy/reality scenarios with step-siblings and step-parents is the latest craze in 'taboo' sex, but at the end of the day, it's still models who are not related simply getting it on in hardcore scenes. That's fine. Older taboo sites would come from places like (and they still do) where you have BDSM, Dungeon Sex and so on. But now we have a site that really is Pure Taboo, and it's called Well, it's called Pure Taboo.

The thing that makes this site different from the others is that it takes rough sex, and inappropriate situations, manipulation and mind games as the cause of the hardcore, and there's some rough sex. For example a guy picks up a homeless girl and takes her home where he uses her as his sex toy. Or, a guy burgles a house where a nubile young nymph is sleeping and forces her to suck and fuck him. The girls make all the right loud and protesting noises, and the guys somehow manage to keep on banging for over half an hour before they finally shoot. It's hot stuff, not over the top heavy, but hits the taboo nail on the head.

The thing that makes Pure Taboo stand out from the others is that the cinematography is outstanding. There are very theatrical scripts and characters, the scenes are played out like mainstream movie scenes, with all the right light and sound and high production values, and they last for nearly an hour each.

On the downside, the site only has 13 videos so far (it's a new site) but they are good ones. Adriana Chechik just got fisted in the latest movie as she was caught trying to illegally cross a border. Alexis Fawx appears in another: there are top porn babes here as well as some British guys. The movies can be streamed, and you get an excellent selection of speeds, from 1080p down to 160p for mobiles, and there are the same seven options for downloading, all in Mp4. The movies come with good descriptions and places where you can rate them, and they also have galleries with good numbers of collectable pics. There are around 30 + pics per set, slideshows to run and zip files to take if you want the whole set in one go. Like the videos, the quality is good.

You can also find the images in their own area from the menu, so that's nice and easy, and while you are up there, you can check out the other items. The Features page was running a feature on Bree Mills and the latest title 'Half His Age', and it had news on other movies being made. The Specials page is the place to find discounted sign-ups to other sites and, at the top of your main pages, you find a link to Bonus Site. This link led me to Pretty Dirty and its collection of videos, images and its forum. That's a lot of taboo porn for only 14.95 per month.


Pure Taboo sets out to break some rules, and it does, but it keeps its hard-hitting porn within acceptable boundaries. It has incredibly high production values, excellent models, good acting, and lots of hard and furious hardcore. Add in the HD, the exclusivity, the bonus site and interactive options, and you forgive it for only having 13 movies so far. Mind you, updates are happening, and each scene is long, so you can't complain. You certainly can't complain as loudly as some of these hot porn girls do as they are being fucked to within an inch of their lives.

Score: 79


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair
Updates Regular
Ads Reasonable


Videos 35+ video clips (about 55 min each)
Pictures 35+ galleries (about 35 pics each)
Models 32

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive HD content and bonus site
  • Hardcore in the extreme
  • Excellent quality
  • Many download options in Mp4
  • Still a small site
  • Cross sale on sign-up