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Golden Strippers Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-03-28
Last Updated: 2011-03-28

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Golden Strippers is truly a stimulating site if you are the kind who has gone to the strip clubs because the atmosphere is something you like. This, however is a lot better than going to a strip club, since after all, you will not get thrown out for pulling out your cock and giving it what it wants then and there, right? These are some of the best exotic dancers available, and they are truly formidable.

You will actually feel as if you are In The Vip seating of a strip club as each stripper strips for you, and pole dances especially for you. The girls are as sexy as can be, and they are also sensuous. Most of them are just barely over 18, thus they are all legal but the point is that they are luscious nubile babes.

This is a highly specialized niche of course, and although there are strip clubs in just about every large American and Canadian city there are not too many sites that have chosen this as their niche, thus it is very refreshing to see it. What will you see? You will see actual dancers who strip for a living, not amateur females pretending to be an enticing stripper. They are dressed in the tools of their trade seductive bras, lingerie and of course those extra small thongs that they finally remove specifically for you!

There are currently 14 different models to choose from, and of course most of them are rather busty, but you do get a choice of white or black models and one truly lovely Asian Oriental lady. I loved the various information that they put in their models area about each one, as it goes beyond the normal height, weight and physical attributes. Instead, you'll be told that one is an aerobic dancer for instance, or that another has won stripping awards and such. Much more personal I thought.

There are approximately 46 current videos available on the site that can be streamed with their onsite browser. The videos take you right there in the club, with all the loud music, and other sounds available. You may play the videos in multiple bandwidths. The very negative side of it is that none of the videos are available for downloads. On average most of the videos seem to run for about 10 minutes.

As for their photo quality, you get a choice her of viewing them in HD, medium or low quality, thus 3 different sizes. To me, anyway, I found the quality to be best when viewed in the medium setting otherwise some of them were a bit blurred. There are approximately 250 pictures of each model, thus 14 different models equals about 3,500 pictures currently available. No Zipped picture sets are available for download either.

Updates will be coming forth on a monthly basis, and of course the quality of the strippers will always be as high as they are now. The site offers no bonus sites along with it, and there are no free live cam shows available either.


In conclusion, it's a very interesting site, especially if you are enamored with strippers. Most of the videos are filmed during actual performances, thus you will get the "feel" of being in a strip club if you wish. The models are all beautiful and it's very evident that they know their business.

Score: 74


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Videos 46+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 14+ galleries (about 250 pics each)
Models 14

Pros & Cons

  • Adheres well to the stripper niche
  • Model index
  • Exclusive content
  • Hi res. images
  • No bonus sites
  • No downloads of videos nor Zipped pictures available
  • Collection is very small