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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-05
Last Updated: 2010-01-05

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Fritz Ryan is the name of the young photographer who takes both the pictures as well as the videos of very young girls who are awakening to their sexual side. The majority of his videos are filmed using the POV, or point of view, style so that in watching it's easy to put yourself into the scene, theoretically as if it's all happening to you! This works exceptionally well when it relates to getting a blowjob as you can imagine?

The site features approximately 400 videos, and the majority of the videos last approximately 10 minutes each. You can download the videos in either DivX or in WMV. This is what's available for the newer videos, but older videos are not quite the same quality, as is the case with all porn. Either way, the videos are expertly filmed, and thus you do get a quality video. However, all movies are split up into 5-6 portions, and you cannot download the entire movie in one fell swoop. You do receive information on the size of the file though so you know precisely what to do with it, according to its size. There is absolutely no DRM, thus you may download at will, which is always nice. The sites that limit downloads suffer with the amount of people who join them, or not join them as the case may be, but here it is not a worry at all!

The pictures that Fritz Ryan puts up on the site are all Hi-res. but what else would you expect from a site like this, right? There is a model index available, which I dearly love, and there are over 200 models used. I would imagine that his models clamor to be photographed by him, as he apparently has a tremendous rapport with his models. The 200 picture albums have approximately 300 pictures each, thus you will get a whopping 60,000 pictures to look at! Although I find this exceedingly strange, you will note that the files are not Zipped for ease in downloading, and there are no date stamps on either the videos nor the pictures.

You may filter the various shots by using the alphabetical model search or you may use the search directory in order to filter out or in, as the case may be, the various niche categories. It's quite well done, as you'll see.

One of the things I especially loved about this site is that it covers a number of niches such as solo, young adult European models, and is diversified enough to cover even hardcore porn. Also, while some of the models have only videos available, some are presented with only pictures, but the greater majority seems to offer both video and pictures. Also, the action is extremely varied, as you will see some of the soft core and glamour pictures that most solo sites have, but you will also see stripping and posing, masturbation, blowjobs, fingering and even hardcore screwing too!

I will confess that it is refreshing to see a site though that refreshes with updates 2 to 3 times a week! And this is consistently done too.

I was inordinately pleased to see that the models literally have a portfolio available, meaning that they often make more than one video or have sat for a number of photo sessions. Then everything that a particular model has done is all kept under her own name, making it quite simple to keep up with a particular model and her work!

Basically you will find that the majority of the girls he shoots are teens, many of them teens who have never done this kind of thing before. A great deal of them are hesitant to do hard-core shoots, but somehow our "hero" Fritz Ryan talks them into it, often fingering them to the point of orgasm and stopping so that in frustration they agree to "go further." He can be quite persuasive, as you'll see!


In conclusion, I found this site to be quite refreshing, as it is not only the glamour matter shown, as most of these kinds of sites seem to feature. Instead, one can find hardcore stuff here, in addition to the soft-core glamour material! What I mean by that is that these are not runway models, many of which have an attitude, but these are real girls with real bodies, yet that's what makes this site so very special. All of these girls have real tits too, which is also stimulating, and the differences of the mainly European girls made a lot of distinction too to an American, namely me!

Score: 82


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 400+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 200+ galleries (about 300 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Completely exclusive material
  • Steady updates come frequently
  • Quality of pictures and videos are both great
  • No zipped photo sets
  • Downloads must be done in sections
  • No bonus sites offered

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