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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-03-12
Last Updated: 2020-09-13

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One of the things that is really cool about watching porn online is that one can not only watch it, but also download the movie if one would like to own it to watch it over and over again. Simply watching such a movie right on site is referred to as streaming, and that too is quite a plus, as it enables you to begin watching right away, or jump ahead quickly. There is no waiting, and of course the days that our parents went through to watch adult films is also gone, for they had to go to the movie store and actually rent the movies they wished to see, and after playing them they had to return them or face a fine. Imagine what they would have had to say about our instantaneous movie archives?

Back too when the sound as well as the pictures were certainly nowhere near what they are now, watching adult films was different. Today when we watch an adult film the people can actually be life sized. And when there is a close up of perhaps a crinkly bit of really wet pussy, it is so clear that you can almost smell that slice of the damp! Thus when we tell you all about what you will see in Erotic Cinema you know all about what we are referring to. At least technically, that is.

What has not changed, thankfully, is what young ladies will be willing to do on film. Erotic Cinema thus will be chock full of movies that will regale you with such as DVD films, uniforms. trannies, sex toys, luscious teens, fiery redheads, outdoor sex, inner office sex, lovely mature women as well as MILFs, lesbians, interracial sex, horny housewives, BDSM and fetishes, older grandmas, group sex, orgies, facials, sensuous Europeans, Americans, cheerleaders, brunettes, blondes, sexy black women with ebony skin, huge tits, gigantic cocks, beach and pool sex, sexy Asians, anal sex, amateurs and actually all manner of Hi Def movies. Brought to you via the Sextronics people who have always been involved in adult porn, you can bet they know what they are doing.

Now imagine if you even can that there are 7770 adult movies available here, and that each of those is going to play for about 17 minutes, so that you will have a plethora of adult movies to watch. You can download or stream them in WMV at 1400k, for 640x480 results. Or perhaps stream or download in Flash for 640x480 results. Also there is MP4 format at 1700k, for 640x480 results. There are some videos here though which have lower specs still, and once in a while you may just hit one that is available as Flash only or MP4 only.

In addition to all those movies there are also films that do not just come from one site. This then accounts for the tremendous diversity you will encounter. Also how one director may direct, so too might another, and get it done entirely differently. What must be told however is that because it has all been collected from so many different sources, none of it is truly exclusive


In conclusion, often what people are looking for is to have a ton of material, regardless of whether or not that material is exclusive for example. Some meanwhile have different needs than others, case in point may be those who are specifically searching for female dominant, or perhaps for only adult films concerning feet only. Some people are divergent in even their sexual needs and what appeals to them one day may not actually appeal yet another day. It is exactly for this type of person that Erotic Cinema was created. The list of what Erotic Cinema carries would surely satisfy the most divergent sexual needs of anyone.

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  • Non-exclusive content
  • Not enough Hi Def

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