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Dungeon Virgins Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-12-01
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The common saying is "tongue in cheek" but this site boasts of itself by saying that it is "tongue and cheek fetish!" The humor is definitely British, as are the babes that are in this hallowed hardcore site. They even promise that all of their new videos have been added in 1600 kb/sec Windows Media video for DVD quality 720 x 576. As you know, whenever you go shopping for food now, you frequently encounter "light" items that are prepared either with fewer calories or less sugar. Well, Dungeon Virgins is a "light" BDSM site.

The site promises that you will see "chained, bound, ropes, gagged, caged, stripped, spanked and nude" girls, and yes you do, but the bindings are not ultra tight, no parts turn blood red nor do they turn starved-for-blood blue either. There are no harsh spankings that leave obvious black and blues either. BDSM practioners call BDSM sessions "play" but this is real play! The girls are all delightful, and some of the acting is actually impressive.

The basic premise of the site is that there is a Mad Monk who brings down brides-to-be as well as brides down into the church's dungeon, thus they are Dungeon Virgins, see? The Mad Monk is often portrayed as a Dominant male by the name of Randy, but he's also a switch, allowing the female Domme's to have a go at his body at times. The English are very strong on having a latex and rubber fetish, thus you will see some of it in this site. You will note that it is mainly the dominatrixes who wear it, and wear it exceedingly well!

One of the better attractions of this site is the diversity of what is presented. You will see some beautiful girls being rendered naked and bound, and some pretty serious looking dominatrixes as well.

All together, there are approximately 175 videos that last an average of 8 minutes each. The majority of the videos are available in WMV format with two choices, but some are also available as MPEGs. The WMV movies will play back in excellent Hi-def! It appears that there are updates that are made to the site about once a week.

The videos when short come as one video, but the longer ones are cut up into sections. Some of the movies can be streamed too. One of the disappointing portions of most the videos though is that they play rather loud music as a background, and all those intriguing and lilting English accents are pretty much drowned out. I also disliked that there was no scene information given, you'll see a picture from the scene, the length that it plays and the file size, and that's it. You will find that there are neither download restrictions nor any DRM associated with this site.

As for the picture sets, there are approximately 162 galleries, and each gallery contains an average of about 55 pictures in each. I was very happy to note, these are Hi-res pictures.

The site features an excellent model index, where you can find out a lot of statistics about each model, including if she has real or fake breasts, her bra size, and tons of other information that you will find extremely helpful for your fantasies! There is even a very pregnant lady for those who fancy that! You will also get to see lots of leather, cheerleader types, leather and lace combos, as well as one video that features a nun.


In conclusion, if you are seeking "tame" BDSM, this is an excellent site for that! If you are introducing a young lady to BDSM, this would be a good site to bring her to. In addition, the site boasts exclusive content with all their videos as well as pictures, and that is quite important. The amount of fetish lovers that they will draw is phenomenal, due to some outstanding choices of fetish content such as exceedingly high heels. You will even find some hilarious outtakes too, in both pictures and videos, which adds to the "lightness" of the content.

Score: 75


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap


Videos 175+ video clips (about 8 min each)
Pictures 162+ galleries (about 55 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Content is exclusive
  • Great model index and information
  • High quality of both pics and videos
  • Site design and navigation very poor
  • Irritating loud music during videos
  • No content information for videos

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