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California Beach Feet Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2012-04-24
Last Updated: 2012-04-24

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Are you into feet? If so, you probably know all about this site, but if you are into feet and do not know of this site, you are absolutely missing out on the absolute best available! The site is created by G. Guy Neighbor and granted he is an amateur foot fetish photographer, his pictures as well as his videos truly stand out as one of the leading collections of foot captures available on the Internet! Also, youll love how thorough he is, showing not just the soles, but wrinkled toes, stretched out toes, wriggling toes and pointing toes as well and of course the arch that so many adore. This is what makes this the absolute best foot fetish site on the Internet. You will get to see plain toenails, painted toenails, socks, high heels, tattoos and of course toe rings too.

Once you log in, youll be greeted by a header of a great photo of a young ladys foot with delightful wine colored polish, but as you scroll down you will see that the entire site is broken down for you into photo galleries that start with the year 2004, and a video library that harks back to 2006, and each of these is absolutely replete with the foot fetishs dream!

It appears that there are approximately over 2075 videos available here, and each one is a wonder. Most of them are in Hi def too! Guy seems to somehow mesmerize the ladies to show off their feet for him, and they are all proud of their feet too. Each of the women he approaches fall into fantastic categories from superb model types, to true beach bunnies, and in between you will see goth ladies, emo chicks, and even the occasional hipster beauty as well. And wait until you see some of the spur-of-the-moment reactions of the models! The videos sport a massive resolution, and one wonders why he calls himself an amateur. And best yet, now the videos are in 3-D! The greater quantity of the videos play for about 4 minutes. Unfortunately there is no way to stream them, but they are truly breathtaking! If you do not have 3-D capabilities, there are downloads available right on the site!

As for the Hi res. photos, you will be able to regale yourself with over 2,070 photo sets, most of which contain at least 30 pictures per set. Of course they are Zipped for your convenience. If you want to see sock and shoe marks on womens feet, thats how superb the photography is, and on some the tiniest hairs on a little toe can be counted! Now, thats quality!

Because these are all taken on the street, there are no model indexes, nor is there any way to search through them. You can expect daily updates too. The detail will amaze you, and occasionally Guy will even get a bunch of girls to show off their feet together! This is an overwhelmingly large site for the foot fetishist! In addition, the 3D stereoscopic videos are basically astonishing! You will think you can reach out and stroke those feet or toes!


In conclusion, if you want to see feet videographed and photographed in the highest quality available so that youll think you can reach out and stroke those feet or toes, this is absolutely the site for you! It is a foot fetishists dream par excellence! How many ways can one use the word best?

Score: 81


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair
Updates Daily


Videos 2075+ video clips (about 4 min each)
Pictures 2070+ galleries (about 30 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Hi Def. videos, some 3-D
  • Hi Res. pictures
  • Huge astonishing exclusive site
  • Daily updates
  • Navigation is burdensome
  • No streaming
  • No search utility

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