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Beautiful Barefoot Girls Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-31
Last Updated: 2010-01-31

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Beautiful Barefoot Girls will bring you cute, girl-next door natural bare fact, loads and loads of them! This soft-core site states that there are 14,700 pictures and tons of special videos! It further says that these are original and exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else on the web! With this site, you will quickly add to your Private collection of bare feet, bare toes, toe sucking and two girl barefoot photosets! So let's go inside and see what we find, shall we?

After a warm welcome, I went to the to the video section. Each video has a very nice description of what you will see, and a medium sized thumbnail of the lady's feet in question. Further the date that it was added is shown, as well as the model's name. Clicking on the video to play brings a window asking if you wish to have Quick Time Player open this video. There's a very wonderful hint posted too, it says to not close your video player after seeing the video, as this will save you from having to log in after each download. Good point!

The first video that I played had been taken outdoors and it played for about 3.5 minutes. With over 162 movies to choose from, you will get to see small feet, large feet, skinny toes, fat toes, high arches, almost non existent arches, winter white feet, feet that have been bronzed by the sun, pudgy toes, long toes, toenails that have nail polish on them, and toenails that have never seen polish on them. You'll even see dirty feet! Some of the barefoot girls scrunch their toes up for you, and some can get their toes to wave hello to you. Some girls can spread their toes for you, and some will stack their feet so that you can get a better view of the soles of her feet. Foot rubbing can be so sexy the way females do it, the way that the toes begin to feel the bottoms of her feet and fall into place rubbing on the tops of her other toes. One could not ask for better!

But, one of the sexiest things that a girl can do with her feet, in my opinion, is to pull her foot up to her mouth, and slowly and seductively begin to lick her own toes. And when each has been licked to her satisfaction, she the pulls her big toe into her mouth and suckles on it, her cheeks hollowing from the sucking. Damn, that's sexy as hell!

You'll also get to see some feet in boots, strappy high heels, running shoes with socks that have to be pulled off, and then there's sandals, and the ever present flip flops! Personally, I love shoes with long laces on them, like the granny boots.

The pictures section has archives that go all the way back to August 2005, and this is where the gold lays! Each archive for each month contains approximately 7 picture sets, and each picture set contains approximately 24 or more pictures in them. Most of the pics are in Hi-res!

Not only do you get those wonderful pictures and videos, but there are also articles and stories about feet that you will undoubtedly love, with titles such as "3 Reasons Why Feet Are A Work Of Art," and "The Top 10 Reasons Female Feet Are Special!"

There are also clips for sale, and they've included a great search engine to make clip hunting all that much easier. Then, one of my favorite parts of this site is the "Meet The Models" section. There are thumbnails of the models with their feet showing as well as their faces and body, and then interesting items about each model, such as shoe size and such. One of the things I really liked about this section is that it listed all of the photo sets that each model had done.


In conclusion, this is definitely "the" site for those with a foot fetish. The girls are wholesome and cute, and they love showing off their feet for you. The site contains a huge amount of pictures as well as a good amount of videos, plus some extras too. Extras include stories, as well as articles about feet.

Score: 87


Content Quality Good
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Videos 162+ video clips (about 4 min each)
Pictures 354+ galleries (about 24 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Well-stocked large site
  • Fabulous Hi-res pictures
  • Adheres well to foot fetish
  • Lots of bonus stuff
  • No Zipped pictures
  • Some video quality could be better