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Kellys Foot Fetish Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-11-05
Last Updated: 2009-11-05

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Currently with 52 full-length movies to show at her site, Kellys Foot Fetish is definitely a fabulous site for you if you like pretty legs, slim ankles, and adorable feet that are incredibly talented. And when she's not showing off her own foot fetish talent, she's showing you what her beautiful female cohorts are up to with their own foot fetish talent. Kelly and her husband, Shawn, both have this insatiable fetish with regard to feet, and it is Kelly's utmost desire to give him long footjobs culminating in receiving his cum all over her beautiful feet. She's even learned how to give hell jobs too! One of the nice things about Kelly is that she always keeps her toes well pedicured, and she changes her polish with just about every video. Do I have a favorite, well, yes I am very partial to the French pedicures, they give such elegance to those dainty little toes, you know?

Kelly has long luscious legs, culminating in dainty, very cute, little toes and her shoe size is size 7. Her favorite color of toe polish is pink and she loves wearing toe rings, stockings and fishnets. She even has a favorite shoe, and that would be a strappy heel, but she also goes barefoot a lot. Ever since she was a girl growing up she found that although she could not wear any sexy clothing, she would always get such admiring glances from both boys and men when they saw her feet, and so her fetish began, and now you can finally share in it too!

When you first enter the site, you will see at the top of the page the different links to her site. Listed are Home, Bio, Gallery, Links, and finally Clips4Sale. From that list you can imagine how easy it is to navigate her site! It is very well organized.

Below that are the videos, showing four thumbnails, the date it was added, and a good write up about the video, even describing the model and the size of her feet, and such! If the person is other than Kelly, and she has a site, there's also a small link to her site. Generally, you will have a choice of download speed, low speed or high speed. Either of those are in .wmv so that you may download them with ease. Of the 52 full-length movies available, a few of them are from other sites, and others can only be streamed, but the majority of them are downloadable. The videos vary in quality, of course, but as in most sites, the newer ones are in magnificent quality. Most of the videos last about 30 minutes.

There are currently 64 photo albums containing a total of 3,659 pictures, thus there is an average of about 80 pictures in each album. She's been nice enough to divide up her albums into three different collections, the first being her own pictures, the second containing her friends' pictures, and the third is screenshots from her many videos. Every one of her pictures has feet in them, some doing some really scrumptious footjobs. These pictures are in Hi-res and are totally amazing and very seductive! They come all bundled up for you to download them in Zipped fashion too!

Neither the videos nor the photos are just about Kelly giving a footjob either, you'll also see her mashing food with her bare feet and tootsies, sucking on them, having her feet massaged. Wait until you can see her driving in her high heels! I loved how it accentuated the sexy appearance of the musculature in her legs, ankles and feet! One of the great things about having a fetish is sharing it, and boy does she ever!


In conclusion, if you are into feet, legs, ankles or simply toes, this is unquestionably a site you will pore over again and again, since one pass around will just incite you to do it again, it's that good! Between Kelly and her friends, there is so much here because it is highly concentrated. The fetish parts are not just glossed over as so many sites do, but there is ample content here for you to have a really good time with it! Basically the quality of the videos is quite good, but the pictures are in Hi-res, allowing you to look carefully and thoroughly to each. Foot fetishists will be very happy to note that there is even a video involving foot tickling, which you will without doubt give an A+ to! Whatever part of the foot you like, be it toenail color, small feet, short toenails, long toenails, fat toes, slender soles, high arches, pointed toes, or long toes, it's all there for your delectation, as well as foot jobs, tickling, kissing and licking of the feet!

Score: 82


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Videos 52+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 64+ galleries (about 80 pics each)

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