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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-01-23
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This site has taken 3,663 Models, 32,783 Photosets, 2,922 Videos, as well as 2,747,765 Pictures and has remixed them and brought them up to date by a myriad of means. However the most overt thing that they did was to take all of that material, study it to carefully note that all of the women back then in the 2001 through 2006 time periods were then unshaved, with all of their pussies being hair ridden. The ATK (stands for Amateur Teen Kingdom) Archive decided to remedy that situation and shave all of those pussies. Granted that could not be physically accomplished, so instead they meticulously shaved each electronically among other things that they did to the models. All in all, we think that it's a hell of a cool idea to trot out all that old stuff and give it new life.

Oh, they have cleaned out the archives of AMKingdom, ATKHairy, Atk Exotics, and ATK Petites as well and fixed all those models removing all the pubic hair wherever the view was obscured amongst other minor changes they had to fix. The spirit of the entire thing is that it is going to be superbly exciting whenever we can look back on all those videos, and also all those pictures and be able to enjoy those models as if they were brand new onto the porn scene once more.

Now granted if you are a Hi Def nut, this is probably not the site for you, as whatsoever deviltry they could get up to they cannot possibly add the true Hi Def experience that purists may desire, but this is definitely a close second. Thus the question that hangs here at the moment is what will you actually get to see? Putting it very succinctly, you will get to see a lot of incredible sex, for the babes go through a litany of solitary pleasuring as well as endless toy play, loads of exceedingly horny lesbians going at each other and of course tons of great hardcore fucking. Some of these videos also get into various foot fetishes and such and there are even some that get into watersports too.

There is a highly detailed search engine, however it truly could be better. You see, it is relegated to hair color, tit size, and even the photographer or the studio, however there is one glaring drawback and that is that one cannot search for anything via a sex act. As large as this site is, and going to be, it is mandatory to be able to refine the searches via those parameters.

Back when those videos and pictures were released, it was considered de rigueur to break the scenes into parts whereas today they do their best to keep everything together and have them instead as full length files. Updates are going like crazy with either new videos or new pictures arriving on a daily basis. They have done pretty well in as far as bringing the remastered sets up to par too, which means that the picture quality is now damned good! Even the Flash in browser is damn good now, streaming out results of 720x480. In addition one may download in WMV for results of 720x480, or one may download as MP4 2000k, 720x480 also. All of the formats are for the very latest movies and multiple bandwidths are always available. Granted the older movies are liable to have smaller specs.

As for all the pictures, well there are so many of them it is difficult to know exactly what to say about them all! With an average of about 75 pictures in each gallery, 32,783 photo sets translates to so many pictures you won't know what to do with them all! A grand total of 2,458,725 pictures! Thank goodness they all come in Zipped files!


In conclusion it takes some great winners of porn sites to be able to mix them all up into one big bunch, and fix whatever was ever wrong or off about them and then to the joy of those who already loved that porn release it all over again for them to enjoy another time. The pictures on this site are all in hi res images that will absolutely round out any decent collection around. The model directory alone is worth rivaling any other porn site around as well. The combination of all the various types of porn available throughout this site moving so dexterously from softcore to hard core is something that must be seen to be admired.

Score: 89


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Videos 2992+ video clips (about 12 min each)
Pictures 32783+ galleries (about 75 pics each)
Models 3663

Pros & Cons

  • Huge selection of videos
  • Over 32,783 Photosets
  • Over 3663 models
  • Quality of videos and pictures still behind the times
  • No capability of searching for sex acts in search engine

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