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Asses In Public Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-08-22
Last Updated: 2017-02-23

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Want to see gorgeous asses banged in public? Does the thought of a girl doing that excite you? Well, if it does, here's the perfect opportunity for you to see it. You will note that some of the guys even have their faces blanked out, that is if you get to looking at guy's faces, but the reason is that this was actually done in public so these are actually guys that are just happening to be on the street where this girl is getting banged in public. Very exciting for her, as she has to be an exhibitionist!

Because this site is part of the Brazzers Network your membership here will include full access to their whole array of naughty sites. Which means over 30 sites for the discounted price of one.

Brazzers has thousands of models, so you'll unquestionably find the type that turns you on the most! Brazzers is such a huge site so that you should not despair that the last update to Asses In Public was done in 2008. Surely the reason is that they kept getting arrested for doing what they did in public, making these episodes even more exciting, don't you think?

With so many models, you can bet that Brazzers has a model index. The thumbnails are all rather nice, and will definitely entice you to follow up on them and go see what they've put together on their 22 different sites.

There are currently only 14 videos on the site, each of which runs for about 45 minutes, and they come in MPEG, or WMV, and there is Flash streaming in your browser. Since the site has no license restrictions, meaning no DRM, you can download all you wish. Some of the videos also come in MP4 format if you want to take your porn with you! You should be aware that the videos are old, and as such the quality here is lacking, with the highest specs you can expect being 640x480 at 1300kbps.

Having said that you will positively love how these girls like being out in public, even fucking and giving blowjobs in public, as guys sometimes get around the couple and cheer them on. Then when the guy comes they absolutely break out in cheers and applause, and then the girl blushes, but not before, which I find funny as hell. All the girls in their videos are cute and well built, so that when they do flash their tits, or their rounded asses as they go up an escalator in a mall, you will know for sure you've been flashed by the absolute best!

I really liked it when the girl would give a blow job in a public place, but if someone came along, she'd stop and they'd cover up what they were doing in some of the scenes, and the girl would get mad, and say that they should have continued what they were doing anyway. These gals are really brazen!


Because it's a Brazzers site, you will get to see all of their sites, which will keep you so busy you'll probably wear "it" away! This site has some on topic videos, many of which threaten to have them arrested since the girl is having sex in public! If you area peeping tom, or just like girls that are exhibitionists par excellence, this site will definitely do it for you, but with no updates in years and only a small amount of content, this site is more of a sideline, and the value of joining lays in the network of sites you get with your membership.

Score: 74


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates None


Videos 14+ video clips (about 45 min each)
Pictures 14+ galleries (about 1100 pics each)
Models 121

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent videos
  • Incidences are not staged but completely real
  • Tons of bonus sites
  • Exclusive content
  • No longer updating which is very unfortunate
  • Scenes are dated and lower quality

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