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Butt Man Review

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Reviewed by: Sadie on 2009-07-13
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John Stagliano is the so-called master of the butt scene. Of course, I'm not entirely sure who he is. When I'm watching my porn, I'm not overly concerned about who's behind the scenes, or who that weird guy is that pops his face in the camera's view every once in a while. It just kills my rub-down session when I'm watching two hot, barely 18-year-old honeys go at it and Rocky Balboa's stunt double comes waltzing into the shot. I don't need that in my life. But, I guess, Mr. Stagliano does serve a purpose. He's the man behind the butt in the aptly titled ButtMan site on the Evil Angel network.

By looking at the name ButtMan, you may think that the site is all about butts. Well, you'd be right. But don't get so full of yourself. You're not so special, buddy, and I'll be damned if you get a key to the city for playing captain obvious for a day! But besides the butts (damn, I'm good!), ButtMan focuses on all things freaky. Anal play is the niche, but there is a whole lot going on via this porn site. Now that I have cussed you out, on with this Buttman review.

You'll get to see the girls shaking their thick, thorough asses all over the place for starters. Instead of just hardcore pounding and screaming, ButtMan explores the more playful side of sex. I wouldn't exactly call it foreplay. I never heard any of that softcore Cinemax music. But there are a few minutes of dirty, anal-playing action before the actual sex gets underway. You'll find guys licking, drinking milk out of, and toying the anuses of smoking hot girls. There's also a lot of ATM, double penetration, gagging, and all-out anal gaping scenes once it gets going.

There's a very healthy mix of young ladies here. Obviously, all of them are pros and know how to handle themselves in a men's prison - not that they'd be in demand there or anything. We all know that men only go to prison because it's the only place they can explore their homosexuality without the social taboos. Duh! Anyway the girls here are thoroughbreds, no denying that. And they all have one thing in common: great big asses! If you've ever wanted to bury your face in the naughty place, ButtMan is heaven; Stagliano is your Santa Claus. He's like Lennon before Cunt McCartney ruined the Beatles.

Most of the videos here are around 30 minutes long. For the most part, you'll only catch about 15 minutes worth of actual cock-in-hole sex, but there's no ridiculous preamble either. The guys meet the chicks, do bad things to their Hershey highway via tongues, toys and those baby booger grabbers, and then finish them off with the love muscle. There are well over 700 videos to choose from on the site, and you can watch them via the site's streaming option, or download them in QT or WMV format. The downloads are slow due to the large file size, so the streaming option will probably work the best. You'll find plenty of high resolution picture galleries as well.

Like every site on the Evil Angel network, one gives you access to the rest. Most of the sites do deal in anal in one form or another like Gaping Angels or Strap Attackers, but you'll also have other fetishes satisfied if you're a fan of big tits, big dicks, blowjobs, group sex, et cetera. The best part about it, besides the great hind parts, is the price for products-plural!

Monthly pricing for Buttman is reasonable for what you get, but for better deals you may want to consider the longer term options which can bring the monthly subscription cost down to only 7.95.


The net is riddled with tons of sites dealing with ass, but ButtMan brings a new, fresh take on it all. Instead of just naughty, this site gets nasty. Honestly, some of it may be hard to watch if you don't think eating and drinking out of an asshole is how normal people live. But then again, if you're one of those Puritans, you should be in church eating Jesus crackers anyway and not out of the priest's butthole! Sicko!

To judge this site, you have to judge it as a whole. It's well laid-out for people who have trouble wanking and browsing at the same time. There are a lot of scenes. You'll receive access to a lot of other sites. And, unlike a lot of anal houses, these girls are actually hot. So, all in all, I'd have to say that ButtMan really brings the beef. Just, no corn, please - that stuff don't digest right!

Score: 89


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Videos 931+ video clips (about 30 min each)
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  • Updated frequently
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  • Discounted membership price
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  • Downloads can be slow

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