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Amateur Interracial Vids Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-05-25
Last Updated: 2010-05-25

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Amateur Interracial Vids - well that pretty much settles it for you as to what's inside this site, doesn't it? Some people are leery of amateur sites, preferring to see the sites where the makeup is always perfect, the babes have perfect figures, and the males capable of holding their cum for next to forever. Well, you get one out of three here, since this is an amateur site, however the males in question are all very good in bed! The babes are all different, from teens to MILFs, but they all have one thing in common, they are all horny. Not all of these "conquests" are white, as you will even see the occasional black girl there, and a few lovely Oriental girls there too.

What will you see? A tremendous of Oreo fucking, sucking, anal, public stuff, group sex, and so many cumshots that you'll think that that's just plainly too much pleasure for one or two of the regular guys! Those smiles on their cute slutty faces tells you that the babes loved to have their greedy tongue wrapped round her black lover's swollen cock and tasting his rich, potent cum. Granted some of them want facials instead, but the beaming smiles afterward tell the same story! At times, you'll see babes that basically turn into a rag doll as the black male uses his strength and weight on her, at different times holding her arms back or even pulling her legs back over her head. The girls do not just lie there passively though - they hump their hips hard into his, their legs bouncing in the air, and holding onto him tightly. Later, you will see that they are totally exhausted but still they do not let up on them. Talk about it being hugely erotic to watch!

I especially love the way that the pictures are set up. You see, you first have to decide the kinds of pictures you wish to see from Anal, BBW, Blowjobs, Couples, Fucking, Cumshots, Group Sex, Public Sex, etc. Each set, therefore has more than one babe in it, enabling you to see a greater number of pictures per set. Currently there are 12 different picture sets available, with approximately 100 photos in each. The pictures are not in Hi res by any means, but most of them are quite clear, and are well taken. Unfortunately these pictures are not Zipped for you, so that if you wish to keep some you will have to download them individually. The pictures have been taken either from newsgroups, been sent to them by mail, or are taken from free sites. By the way, updates are weekly.

With approximately 208 videos on the site at the moment, there is a lot to watch. On average most of them last approximately 25 minutes each. These are all full-length videos and the various video downloads have absolutely no license restrictions (DRM) thus you may download at will. Also you'll be happy to hear that there are no download limits either, and you may download them as full-length videos. I like that each movie tells you in advance what the running time is, and you'll have four thumbnails showing you the action involved in each movie before you watch or download it. Each of the movies is available for you in (wmv.) Windows Media. At no time are you ever told that the movies are exclusive, which is great because they are not. There are no bonus sites included when you join Amateur Interracial Vids, nor any other types of bonus material.


In conclusion, if you are seeking black on white graphic hardcore videos, you will undoubtedly love this site, that has been amassed especially for your tastes. They truly stick well to the niche, which is quite refreshing. The site shows both rough sex and gentler sex, and all in between too, never missing an opportunity to give you what you seek.

Score: 72


Content Quality Average
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Videos 208+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 12+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Decent amount of video material
  • Good adherence to niche
  • Simple site
  • Few pictures
  • No Zipped pics
  • No bonus sites