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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-08-22
Last Updated: 2011-08-22

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This is the second time we've visited Sex With Ex, and it has tons more beautiful girls. Note the term girls, because every one of them looks as if they turned 18 yesterday. One of them made a video to wish her boyfriend a Happy Birthday, and over and over again she says that he's a very old, old man since he's now turning 20! Guess that will give you an idea just how young the girls are.

What will you see? Well, anywhere from girls doing a dance to some music in their rooms in front of their Web Cams to actually fooling around with two guys. Some of them have lesbian sex with each other, and many just play with themselves, but when they do, they fuck themselves deeply with their fingers, sometimes the whole hand, so you can bet that they are not virgins. Most of all what you will see is amateurish amateurism. However, the site has absolutely nothing to do with Sex With Ex-anything.

They do however ask you to send in your tapes/videos/pictures of your girlfriend, and we suppose that a few guys do, but other than that, it's a question of where all these videos and pictures come from. The site says that they are "Private and banned content" but never explain who banned them or how they made it onto the Web.

Currently they have 114 videos, and they are very hot videos. The problem is that they are available solely in Flash format. This means that you either stream them or download them to your PC using that format only. The movies are very sexy, one almost wonders if there are any virgins among them because they all are moving their bodies in a way that let's you think that there must be some sexual experience there! Some of these video clips are only 30 seconds long, while others are actually over 30 minutes, but let's say that the average lasts for approximately 8 minutes.

Also currently there are over 633 different picture sets here, with an average of approximately 15 pictures in each of them. These do come in Zipped downloads though, if you are a picture collector, you'll appreciate that.

There is a bonus section that is quite enjoyable. This comprises of 200 bonus pictures of various beautiful teen females who are totally dressed, and the same 200 pictures of them but fully undressed. That's it, nothing else to the bonus section, however it's fun to filter through those at least once. In essence you'll note that each girl has a thumbnail upon which there is a question mark on it, sort of asking you to guess what you'll see when she's undressed? When you click it, you see the two pictures positioned side by side, the one with her dressed, and then one of her naked - sometimes in a different location though. But, you know how women always say that we undress them with our eyes, well this time they're quite correct! It's actually pretty cool!

We are glad to say that they are doing updates regularly, and not only are they doing them, but thankfully the updates are dated. Apparently though, as expected more pictures come in than videos.


In conclusion, if you are desirous of looking at real photos and videos of amateur girlfriends, you'll fully enjoy this site. This is as real as it gets, none of this appears to be manufactured or fake content. The site is chock full of very authentic photos and videos of amateur teens very obviously posing for their boyfriends. You'll get the idea fast that they never knew these photos would get out, but naturally they did, just for you!

Score: 79


Content Quality Average
Pricing Cheap


Videos 114+ video clips (about 8 min each)
Pictures 633+ galleries (about 15 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Amateur video quality
  • Amateur picture quality
  • Zipped picture sets
  • No other sites in bonus area
  • Site has no excitement other than the content
  • No format choices