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Pornstars Punishment Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-12-16
Last Updated: 2013-05-21

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Upon revisiting this site we have found that this site is no longer available. This is a real pity, as we really loved the content they had on offer. We suggest you check out the Brazzers Network review. This site gives you a whole network of great sites with similar content.

The advertisement header on this says, So hardcore, its considered punishment. So that gives you an idea of what this is about. Apparently the hottest and baddest bitches need to be punished, and what better way than to fuck them, giving them the cunt battering they deserve. The action here is extreme. Brazzers Network brings this site to you, and if you've ever seen the quality behind Brazzers you will know that it's no exaggeration when I tell you that you will be able to see videos presented to you in TrueLife HD! Now, granted they have used rather large male models to make these movies, but the "punishments" even go to the guy going down on the bitch roughly!

They further advertise the site as "when girls disobey, defy or just don't listen...we punish them!" So, you'll be able to watch each and every one of your favorite pornstars not only earn but get what's coming to them! Brazzers has over 1174 current models at their disposal so you can be sure to get some youll just love.

If you like rough sex, this is what you'll be able to see, truly hardcore extreme punishment! You will see the bitches that have played tricks on these guys get fucked so hard they'll wish they'd never fucked up in the first place. Some of them beg for mercy even, but they do not get it! This site is not exactly BDSM, but it's not exactly just a straight fucking site either, it's somewhere in between with tremendously rough-style sex. The pornstars get their mouths filled with cum, and their poor pussies and anal openings are left with huge gapes after they suffer through some kind of tough pounding!

The site is an all-exclusive hardcore site that still performs updates every few days and the action is very hot! The site design is very nice and extremely easy to use, but then because it's Brazzers that's expected. Again, it's quality through and through, with model information, and tons of scene information as well that's well written and to the point. They also provide one hour-long live shows that are absolutely fantastic!

The site currently has 109 video sets, which run for an average of 40 minutes. All videos are downloadable, or may be streamed, and there are multi-bandwidths offered. You will be able to see some very good vid caps of the scenes prior to committing. The various video formats, are WMV (high), MPEG (high), MPEG 4, and MP4 as well, for portable porn. Each and every video is in High Def. too! Their picture sets are excellent as always, and are Zipped for download and average over 700 each!

Now, theres a new feature available. You can actually just jump to the action in any of the videos. You can simply mouse over the different elements to see a preview of the action and thus click on them to skip to that exact moment. Now thats Brazzers thinking of their clientele!

There are 28 other sites of Brazzers that youll be able to go to with your membership to Pornstars Punishment. You will not believe just how much stuff that will put in your hands! Some of these sites have as many as 334 different videos for you to watch.


In conclusion, even though this was a brand new site from Brazzers, you can bet that the updates will keep coming in, and meanwhile you can enjoy all the Brazzers Network sites which you could drown in, since there are currently 29 of them! The actors and actresses that you will find on this site do a hell of a good job fitting into the scenarios, the women incredibly sexy always riling up the man in the movie and the sex is definitely very rough! I am sure that you will not be disappointed in anything, much less the high quality of this site if you join.

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Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Cheap
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Videos 115+ video clips (about 40 min each)
Pictures 109+ galleries (about 700 pics each)
Models 1174

Pros & Cons

  • Great new feature to "skip to action"
  • Huge amount of bonus sites
  • HD videos that put you right there
  • Tons of high quality pictures
  • HD videos are slow to download obviously
  • Low res. pictures

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