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Naked Gord Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-10-01
Last Updated: 2009-10-01

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Yes, this is the same Gord of the House Of Gord fame! Apparently, as many Dominants do, Gord has branched out a bit, although he's been into putting his wonderful inventions for bondage on the Web for over 10 years now! This time, it's a newer site called Naked Gord, and boy is it something else!

This site is of course a BDSM site, but this time there is a lot of nudity, hence the name. The girls are often allowed to have orgasms too, which makes it all the more interesting.

Naked Gord is organized via a series of menus. You can search for images by date or by type. You may search via all these options: caged and boxed, cocooning, devious devices, fantasy and stories, forniphilia, hoods, gags and masks, pony girls, ravishing in restraint, suspension, Gord notes, and assorted.

Forniphilia for those who have never heard of it is a nifty takeoff on many BD practices. It involves the act of turning a woman into nothing more than a piece of functional furniture. That is often the ultimate goal for many bondage enthusiasts, especially Gord. Often rendered completely immobile, the woman finds that she is at least useful to her owner, perhaps performing the role of a table, chair, lamp or even a hat stand. Once you've seen examples of forniphilia you will not be at all surprised to read that Jeff Gord, of the House Of Gord, originally coined the term!

Many find this type of sexual objectification highly erotic, especially if the subject is in someway vulnerable, perhaps her mouth or pussy are exposed. Knowing that she cannot possibly move, she can only hope she will be of some use to her Master or Dominant. Awaiting use, she is truly forced to linger and obey until needed. To say that it is erotic bondage is putting it mildly.

One can actually envision that many of Gord's ideas mimic some of the better artists who have become renowned in drawing the female body in various strenuous poses all in very restrictive bondage. Names such as Bishop, and Stanton are evoked. Gord, with his devious creative engineer trained mind has been able to bring these to life and actually embellish on many of them. This is especially true in Naked Gord, as many of those original drawings encompassed the submissive's nakedness.

So often one sees bondage or BDSM sites that are obviously paid models who don't give a damn about bondage, and one can see that they are utterly uncomfortable with it, but they take it because next month's payment is due on something or other. In this case, each of these damsels in distress enjoys the specialness of being bound in the most extreme poses possible. Those who are into BDSM will definitely see the difference.

There are over 100 of the most devious videos you've ever seen. Downloading can be done in Windows Media, or RealVideo. You can look up the videos via a search engine by a number of ways, including model name, machine type, activity, and much much more! The format is very easy to use, by the way. Most of them seem to last over 30 minutes, but the older ones less.

The pictures allow you to thoroughly examine the amazingly absolute thoroughness of the bondage and allow you to visualize the total helplessness of what Gord has created. Most of the picture sets, of which there are over 100 of, have approximately 150 pics in each. The pictures are all very good, and now that there is more nudity involved, rather than PVC, latex and rubber, many may find this doubly exciting. Content is updated weekly.

Because the models are now nude, there are more and more toys involved. These include toys such as strapons that so many of us like to see used. As many Gord followers know, there was always some type of insertion used as part of the bondage, but now even more so. There basically is no sex in any of the videos or pics though, this is a bondage site, where Gord does his best to make sure his models are objectified.

There are no other sites that I know of that have the bondage ingenuity of Gord. The women are often shown with special spreaders, electric hoists, custom pony gear, trailers devised especially so they can carry his helpless models by truck. This is a guy who is both creative and productive. The majority of the equipment you will see is Gord made, and there is a heavy emphasis on safety and most importantly, effectiveness.

Many of the videos were made in outdoor settings; enabling the lighting of the videos and pictures to come out exceedingly well. When there are spankings in sunlight, you can really watch the color of the asses change quickly!


In conclusion if you are in any manner attracted by bondage and you wish to see where devious ingenuity can lead you, you have got to see this site. Everything about it is special and very unique. The quality of the videos as well as the pictures is excellent, and the equipment defies description sometimes, it just has to be viewed to completely appreciate it. Even if BDSM is a new interest of yours, you will appreciate this site.

Score: 90


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Pros & Cons

  • Very unique BDSM content
  • Great navigation options
  • Good video options.
  • Large amount of content; updates weekly
  • Site design could be better
  • Overall site quality lacking