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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-04-11
Last Updated: 2018-06-18

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HD Love bills itself as being the world's highest quality erotica, and honestly we do not question that statement at all. The amazing quality of this hardcore site will make you stand up at attention the moment you sign in. It would be highly surprising that someone would not know what HD stands for, but it means that all of their videos are done in HD, known as High Definition. If you had to purchase a new television set to match the technical world lately, it was because most television stations are now sending their signal in High Definition because it is the greatest picture available today.

When HD Love shows you a close-up of anything, be it a pussy, a nipple, or even a cock, you can rely on the fact that this is the absolutely clearest picture available. For those who understand these things, you may wish to know that HD Love shoots in completely full 1080p HD.

Perfection is difficult to duplicate, thus HD Love only has 23 current videos to grace the HD Love site. Trust us, you've never seen a shower scene until you watch a luscious full breasted and highly curvaceous adult woman take a shower in HD. The clarity of the twinkles of water hanging onto her body can only be compared to the twinkling of the stars in the firmament. The thing is that not only does the female human body as portrayed by full 1080p HD look positively amazing, but you'll almost feel like reaching out and touching it. We can only counsel you to touch yourself instead, but we bet you already thought of that.

It is easy to forgive HD Love for only having 23 current videos, and that's because they were not begun on the Internet until 2012. Now they have been doing some rather regular updates, sticking to a pretty grueling schedule of 2-3 updates every month. Considering too that they are out of Canada where the weather has been so abominable, they've done rather well. Each of their episodes lasts approximately 30 minutes and the formatting is either MP4 (5000k+, 1920x1080), and their videos can also be streamed with their in-browser Flash.

There are quite a few vidcaps available for each video, but if you love pictures, you'll be glad to hear that there are about 450 pictures for each video. Thus, there are 23 different photo albums available. Their pictures, if you are a picture collector, are very easy to download, as they have all been Zipped to make it stress-free for you. Best news yet, is that all of their pictures are in Hi resolution!

Interestingly enough, most of the delightful babes shown on this site are European. The greater majority of them fall in between 18 and maybe 23 years of age, but again it is the clarity of the skin, the eyes and yes the pussy that is absolutely astonishing. You will see girl on girl, threesomes, and even facials here, as well as out and out fucking, and all of it will be crystal clear! Do catch the myriad of bonus videos too!

The bonus content will keep you busy between updates. You will find hundreds of movies that cover a great variety of porn niches to keep you entertained. These are not exclusive and come from various sites. Some are high definition, while others are not, but hey who can complain about extras you get for free!


In conclusion, if you want to see the most life-like porn you've ever seen, this has to be the correct site to do so. The clarity of whatever is being shown will definitely astound you, but you'll have to resist the temptation to reach out lest you harm your monitor! So with the videos being in Hi Def., and the pictures being in Hi Res., you absolutely cannot beat this site for awe inspiring beauty, no matter what's being shown to you.

Score: 79


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Videos 58+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 58+ galleries (about 450 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • All videos as well as their pictures are absolutely exclusive.
  • The site is put together extremely well.
  • Videos can be downloaded for mobile use.
  • Very small site that needs to grow
  • Site no longer updating
  • Not all bonus videos are in HD.

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