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HD Internet Hookups Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-06-01
Last Updated: 2013-09-11

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When I went to HD Internet Hookups, I was expecting to see a lot of content since the premise was so easy, and thus I figured there'd be a lot of opportunities to film in different apartments, and hotel rooms, and such. Well, there are all of 16 different videos there, which is a lot less than what I expected. It's also got some rather stilted action, and we have to sit through the "premise" each time, where one contacts the other online and types a few messages in order to "screen each other out" first. I guess to anyone who has never used the Internet for a hookup, that would be ok, but personally I felt that the premise was well explained on the first opening page, not to mention the premise was well used in the ads that were used to seduce one to get to that particular site.

The videos play in very high quality HD Windows Media format, and look good in great QuickTime format too. There is an iPod version and a truly great-looking Flash streaming format that I really enjoyed. They are, of course, downloadable in full-length too.

The quality of the productions is excellent too, the directing quite good, and even the actors are doing a more than passable job, and believe me I do not say that very often as most hardcore porn, which this is, apparently has a problem finding both talent and sex in general. Usually, you have one or the other.

I did very much like the way that they showed faces while they were fucking and such, so that I had much more of an idea of what they were feeling. There's a certain look on people's faces that seems to be missing so often. Usually one gets more or less of a vapid look. It's a disinterested look that's what you usually look at, but this was entirely different. These people were definitely having fun, it definitely felt good, and it was definitely a turn on from this side of the screen too!

There are 15 pic sets with about 170 pics in each set, so if pics are your "thing" you'll have a lot of those to see, and download since there is no DRM protection nor any download limits. The pictures are not in Hi-res, but they are definitely quality.

Part of signing up for HD Internet Hookups brings you some additional sites, "Dick In Dash Out," "Indecent Massage," "My Lesbian Secret" and also "Stunt Cock Tryouts." These are all from the same network, thus the quality will be approximately the same, and unfortunately so will the low content numbers.


So, all in all it's a pretty ok site, especially if you like high quality pictures and video. The acting is pretty good, the direction is excellent, and the photography is excellent too. The writing is unfortunately mediocre, but one should not expect something like "Gone With The Wind" when one watches porn, and I realize that, but better writing combined with good acting, good direction and excellent photography is always something to be hoped for, right?

Score: 78


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair
Updates Rare


Videos 15+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 15+ galleries (about 170 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent videography
  • Great direction
  • High quality all around
  • Small amount of content
  • Updates are very, very rare