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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-07-15
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Girls on leashes and collars being forced to have huge dildos forced up inside them, getting spanked until their round little asses turn bright red, naked wrestling and tons of public humiliation - sounds like a BDSM site, huh? Well, it's not; instead it is what young female pledges will go through simply to be accepted into a sorority. And boy do they ever go through a lot! You will love watching it all, and seeing just how imaginative their sorority sisters-to-be can bring up all manner of tortures for the new girls to be put through! Seems as if the submissive rushes also have to eat, lick, kiss and just basically take in a tremendous amount of pussy too! Truly, these must be the lesbian sororities of lesbian sororities!

Brought to you by none other than Bang Bros who are renowned for choosing some of the most luscious models for their videos and pictures, you can bet that you will find some absolutely perfect young ladies here. Don't think that it's all lesbians though, for this is a hardcore site that also features some guy/girl sex as well. Many times guys are brought in just for the pledges to be fucked or to show off their blowjob skills in front of the whole sorority of course. Theoretically all the videos have been submitted by various sororities in order to win a 10,000 prize. Whether or not this is true does not matter one bit, as the girls are all luscious and willing to do anything to gain entry into the pledged sorority.

There are currently 46 absolutely delicious Hi Def videos to be seen here, but each one is better than the last. All the reviewers here were amazed just how long each video ran, as the usual time is often as little as 18 or so minutes, but these are much longer, in fact the average run is for 40 minutes! Their Flash can be streamed in browser, and will bring you some truly beautiful 1280X720 full screens which will play at 3000k and downloads can be accomplished in four sizes. Full length downloads are available in WMV at 1500k, for 852X480, or MP4s at 852X480 as well. Then too, there are MPEGs as well if you so desire. Warning though, there is a download limit imposed daily of 500MB. The MP4s and the WMVs can also be downloaded as Chapters.

As for picture albums, there are 46 of those and they are filled to the brim with an average of about 900 pictures each, all Zipped for you. You will happily note that these pictures are all in Hi res. too. In addition you will also find vidcaps here as well which will remind you of the fantastic stuff you saw in the video.

Updates are rather constant. You should get approximately 2 videos with accompanying photo albums each and every month. The girls shown in these videos and pictures are truly some of the finest college aged hotties. The content is amazing with perfect bodies that have rounded apple asses, typical firm tits for that age, and their faces are all beautiful and hopeful. There are some really great live feeds available as well.


In conclusion, if you want to see some extra special college aged girls all having fun at the expense of those girls who pledged the sororities to gain entry, and thus will do anything they are told to, you'll love this site. If ever you've had a sorority girl fantasy, chances are it will be played out here for your delectation.

Score: 78


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Videos 46+ video clips (about 40 min each)
Pictures 46+ galleries (about 900 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Hi Def. super lengthy videos
  • Tons of Hi Res. pictures
  • Very high quality sorority girls
  • Zipped pictures
  • No model index
  • Site has a download limit

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