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Gloryhole Initiations Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-04-06
Last Updated: 2009-04-06

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Glory Hole Initiations is a Dog Fart production who bill themselves as The kings of interracial entertainment. To tell the truth, they truly are what they say they are, and this time they've brought us the most amazing site!

If you don't know what a glory hole is, then you'll be surprised to learn that it's a hole cut out or punched out between two walls that enables a man to put his cock through so that it can be fondled and sucked. OK, so that's the general premise, and in this instance it's beautiful black girls sucking their first white stranger's shaft!

Some of the holes have been made in bathroom walls, and some appear to have been made in movie houses or adult bookstores, but any of these locations is fantastic, and the wall is thin enough so that there is full introduction of the man's tool through the hole.

The thumbnails that greet you when entering this site hold great promise, and believe me they will deliver! Filmed entirely in HD/WMV the quality of the videos is absolutely incredible. If you are a fan of the glory hole, this will take your breath away.

Contrary to other sites I have reviewed, this particular site does not suffer too much from hammy acting or poor direction, which is something I've always despised about some adult sites. The premise is pretty cool, and the women usually say that they've not ever had a white cock before, or some say that its been a really long time since they've had a white shaft. Mostly they all start off fondling it even though they seem to come through the wall after they are already hard. Fondling the hard cocks is interesting to watch, and because its an anonymous shaft, it's so easy to pretend it's your own cock that is being fondled and then sucked.

Most of the ladies do a great job of sucking off the proffered cocks, and some of the dicks are certainly large enough to do justice to those who can deep throat, but in one of these movies one enterprising black female is hungry for more than just giving a hard dick a blow job, she really wants that tool. Thus she manages to put her pussy up against the wall and finds a way for the stranger to fuck her! What's really neat too is the fact that the camera could somehow film the anonymous cock as it fucked her. Kudos to the cameraman! I found that to be more than exciting, and it was just perverted enough to appeal to my baser instincts, if you know what I mean?


If you are just curious or downright turned on by gloryhole thoughts, especially with black girls on white cocks, this site will definitely not disappoint, and thus I give it a very good recommendation. Most truly enjoy the fact that the girls have only seen the guy's eye or something like that that peeked through the hole and then have to perform on that manhood that also peeks through the hole!

Score: 81


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair


Videos 180+ video clips (about 15 min each)
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Pros & Cons

  • Great looking black gals!
  • Premise is a great niche.
  • Very high quality films.
  • A few acting jobs are atrocious!

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