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Feet Files Review

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Reviewed by: Sadie on 2009-10-28
Last Updated: 2013-08-12

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I've always questioned the mental stability of a person with a foot fetish. I mean, I can see loving tits. Hell, make mine a double! I can see loving ass or even the legs they're attached to. I've even known some guys who got obsessed over my belly button. Well, actually, the poor schmucks didn't know that it was the wrong hole. I guess this is what I get trying to date down syndromes for their government check. But even those mongs weren't trying to suck my toes! Yeesh! On the porn site Feet Files, some of the industry's most well-heeled women put their best foot forward in hopes of getting you off.

You may get tired of the puns and silly feet jokes before reading all of this. Personally, I don't care. If you like wanking it to feet, I'll break mine off in your ass. Ha! I used to write jokes for Robin Williams - which would explain his absence. With any luck, Mr. I-Grow-A-Beard-So-Now-I'm-A-Serious-Actor landed a job as a pedicurist. There's certainly a market for it with Feet Files. And to my surprise, the gals they use as their footsy models are actually hot. They don't look stomped on at all. Rimshot!

You don't have to think on it hard to figure out the fetish here. Feet Files is the archenemy of the amputee sites. I'm honestly surprised at the site's Disney-like approach to porn with a lot of its content. Some of this stuff is seriously safe for work. Now, obviously, when someone looks at your computer and sees your cock out while watching a chick in her knickers paints her toenails, I think they'll put 2 and 2 (your massive size, no doubt) together and figure out that you're a footie. A lot of the girls are undoubtedly over the web taking some rod on other sites, but here, they just do things with their feet.

So, what kind of content can you find on this Mormon porn site? Well, they have a lot of chicks. That's for sure. There are just over a hundred videos and over 150 photo sets. You'll find some nude action here and even a little bit of girl-girl action happening. But most of it has to do with only feet, and as such, the videos aren't very long at all. There's only so much lotion a chick can rub on her piggies. So it looks like a lot of content, but it's really not that much. Even still, it is high quality stuff and you can download the short videos to watch them on your WMV or watch on-site in low or high speed.

I couldn't find any legitimate bonus content on the site, but everything else is easy to find. It has an awesome layout going for it, and all the girls are displayed in some bright photos which ironically show off their faces more than their feet. Maybe foot fetish people need a hot-looking chick to own the feet? It beats me.


When it's all said and done, Feet Files is an awesome site, in my opinion, for lovers of all things feet. There are some good photos and great quality videos-albeit short-on the site. There are plenty of beautiful women to choose from here.

What else is afoot on Feet Files? Well, nothing much. This site is strictly for those with that particular fetish - and to that audience, they play well. The site seems to update regularly and there's always something new going on with the toe-holders of these gals: boots, heels, lotions, sucking, painted nails, etc. Feet Files is an amusement park for the foot fetish community.

Score: 60


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 110+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 150+ galleries (about 50 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Good quality pics and vids
  • A lot of girls (hot to boot)
  • Regular updates
  • Good site layout
  • No real bonus content
  • Short video duration
  • Could get a little more HC with the feet