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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-04-12
Last Updated: 2015-05-24

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Have you ever seen a truly well-proportioned girl who just strikes you as being ultra-sexy, but she's only about 5 foot tall? She definitely fits in the definition of petite and very tiny. Mind you she's not a dwarf, yet you are attracted to her in ways that you are not sure how to describe? She may have very tiny feet, tiny hands, and tiny breasts, almost as if even though she's perfect she may look like something designed by the Disney studios, such as maybe Tinker Bell? You may even feel as though if you were to screw her, you might break her, for she is truly doll-like in so very many ways. If such girls attract you and you wish to see more, this hardcore site is probably right up your alley.

The site currently has 80 videos to show you, but they are certainly great videos, using the tiniest of little females around. They are often shown being fucked by men with full sized cocks, and when you view their tiny pussies, you may not even be sure that such an organ will fit in there. But these Exxxtra Small ladies manage to do it, and they absolutely love it. Some of these men are quite tall even, let's say being able to fit the petite lady right under their armpit and still have room to spare.

Now, technically Exxxtra Small has a tremendous amount of good stuff going for it. For instance this site features some exceptionally well photographed subjects with most photos showing at 700x1050. In order for the collector to copy these pictures, the site has thoughtfully provided Zipped files, so that the image galleries can be all yours. After all it's not every day that you find such petite damsels. Now don't get us wrong here, for there are tons and tons of pictures to accompany the 15 current videos, and some of these entries have as many as 300 pictures. However, unfortunately these are all JPEGs, thus the quality could definitely be better.

As for the accompanying videos, they have outdone themselves here for sure, for technically they present them in WMV, and also in wonderful Flash formats which allows you to almost instantly stream the videos. Their resolution definition is ordinarily 1920x1080 and downloading them has been rendered quite simple. Best yet is that all their videos are in HD! Want to take all this great teeny porn with you? Well that's easy too, as the files are also available for MP4 downloading to your iphone and the like. Each video lasts approximately 30 minutes, thus it's easy to pull as much pleasure out of them as possible as you pullwell, you've got the idea, right? Be sure and look for Scarlett Monroe too, she has the biggest tits for such a petite girl we've ever seen.

Because this site belongs to the Team Skeet Network, joining Exxxtra Small will also ensure that you can go to their other sites, and trust us, there's a ton of those! Now this particular site is updating once a week, so you can enjoy their other sites as you wait for the next update of Exxxtra Small. Well, we all make small sacrifices to feed our porn desires, now don't we?


In conclusion, this is a site filled with some of the most delightful petite girls imaginable. Yet, they take on some rather well built and downright huge members without even the smallest flinch. The site is well done, but do not expect the circus atmosphere that many of the midget sites have, this is done with respect and the girls are not midgets, just very tiny in stature.

Score: 88


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Pictures 15+ galleries (about 300 pics each)
Models 15

Pros & Cons

  • All videos and pictures are completely exclusive.
  • Site is done very tastefully.
  • Casting of very "petite" females well accomplished.
  • All pictures are in JPG format which does not allow for the best quality,

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