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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-03-03
Last Updated: 2020-09-13

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Just the name of this site alone lets you know that you are in for one raunchy sex filled time when you visit. What it does not let you know immediately is the depth of the raunch, and just how much of it is going to be available to you. The best part of this site is how divergent it is, meaning that it does not necessarily follow just one road, not just one theme, and thus being themeless it can appeal to a greater audience. So, one can say that it covers general porn and will appeal to all.

Brought to you by a porn producer known as Sextronics, as is common for them, it comprises of a combination of both HD as well as non-HD non-exclusive videos and also photos. Now one of the cool things about Sextronics is that it is a mega-site, in fact a veritable cornucopia of sex seemingly an endless procession of sex.

The one thing that one can say though is that it is all hardcore. So what will you be seeing here? First let us begin with some really wild solo sex some of it with huge dildos, and some wild looking vibrators. Sometimes these girls will stick a dildo into both cavities while playing a vibrator across their clits until the explosion of pleasure completely takes over their entire bodies.

Then there is the lesbian play, now that will definitely get you. Those deep passionate girl kisses interspersed with that hot and heavy breathing that they do into each other's mouths, now that will get quite a rise out of any guy! They really know how to touch each other too some of it soft and gentle, and then the touches that are harder. Not harder like a man's touch but rather filled with hot sexual passion. And then you will also get to see double penetration, some handjobs, anal, interracial, spanking and even shemales. The point is that Exxxcellent tries to keep everyone as happy as can be!

So, you are now wondering just how big is this big site? Well, let us say that there are currently 3252 videos awaiting you. Those videos each last about 20 minutes, thus you will be quite busy indeed. As for formats, of course one may stream the videos using Flash for 720x400 results. Then there is MP4format for 1920x1080 results. Or one can download using WMV format for 640x480 results. Those formats are for their latest movies and also multiple bandwidths are available. If so desired there is also a mobile MP4 format available. Older movies may very well have smaller specs.

Now as impressive as are all those videos, you will undoubtedly also be impressed by 4349 image galleries which contain on average about 60 pictures each. The pictures have all been Zipped for ease of downloading them.

The site seems to perform a huge amount of updates at all times, however there seems to be some question as to whether or not it is new updates or perhaps rotated updates, but the site is so large that the question seems to be immaterial.


In conclusion with life there seems to always be a choice to be made concerning quality versus quantity. In this case the site is so large and so prolific that one gets the feeling that one could easily be overwhelmed with those numbers. However, it has been said that this is certainly one hell of a way to godrowned in so much porn. The numbers are indeed overwhelming, and if one is seeking to drown in porn this is unquestionably a great way to do it. The thing is that the size also means that the quality is not all the same. For instance some movies are in HD, some not and so on down the line.

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Videos 3252+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 4349+ galleries (about 60 pics each)

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  • Huge amount of content
  • Daily updates
  • Discounted membership price for our readers.
  • Bonus content
  • Non-exclusive content
  • Average quality in general
  • Content may be being rotated

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