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Twilight Women Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-11-25
Last Updated: 2009-11-25

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Twilight Women is a strictly videos only site that basically features lesbian women, but from there on, it falls out of general categories, for it is fresh and uniquely represented in their use of 30+ year old women who regard lesbian sex as more than just sex. The site brings to mind lesbian romance, where the goal is to pleasure each other without the frantic urgency of "straight" sex. There are plots and setups in their videos, and even though there is tons of sex involved, there is always the softest "glow" between the women portrayed.

They reveal lesbian erotica as more of the entrance to a dark shadowland and very forbidden act fraught with shame, guilt and conflicts, rather than just a sex act. There is real drama in their depictions too, even though the tense erotica builds and builds, through character development that radiates through the presentations.

Each of their videos features the softest of touches -- caresses that allow the sense of what is going on to build to an almost breaking point and finally even a soft dnouement of the scene. Though it's a word that has been used to excess, one always has the feeling that the women being portrayed are totally uninhibited in their nakedness.

When the women kiss, you tend to want to hold your breath, almost afraid that you are about to shatter the moment. It is absolutely totally rare to actually be able to see emotions in porn usually. Many feel that to introduce emotions into it takes away from it. I feel that this site is just totally contrary to that thought. When a couple, be they straight or lesbians, get together it's not usually just a base act composed entirely of a hard mating ritual, but emotions that in reality ebb and flow during the lovemaking. It's called lovemaking for a reason, and not just as a means of avoiding the term fucking. Each time they have a lovemaking session, they seduce each other using tender means, soft touches, and pleasure inducing caresses.

There is a massage and sauna movie that will drive you positively up the wall with desire as the women touch each other softly and slowly, the caresses getting bolder, the kisses harder as their bodies slip and slide against each other from the massage oils used. And there's another that uses BDSM as the base of the story line. By movement only, one can immediately ascertain who is the Domme, and who is the submissive. They are both so hot that one can feel the heat through each second the movie plays. One can in fact thoroughly feel the Dominance of the one over the other. The hopeless resistance of the submissive will make your heart pound.

Part of what makes this site so credible too, is the age bracket of the amateur lesbians. Very few teens can grasp the knowledge that they are indeed lesbians in real life. Many find the lifestyle after they have been married to a male and even have had children. That's the reality of it. By using women who are in the 25 to 35-age bracket, they've been able to capture more reality with the site.

On the sensuous side of the site, there are times when spanking is called for, as is the use of various toys. Again, I stress that the amateurs in the films are basically uninhibited.

With their archives going back to 2005, you will find approximately 651 video clips, which are offered in Mpeg format. This represents 66 hours of video! Most of the clips last approximately 8 minutes each. The site updates once a week, ordinarily on Wednesday nights, with about 12 new video clips per month. Their videos are 100 exclusive. Also, there are no full movie files, thus it will take you a long time to download a complete movie. There are thumbnails for each of the clips for you to select, but otherwise no pictures.


In conclusion, if you are tired of the same kind of lesbian porn that everyone else is putting out and you want something slower and more sensitive, this is the site that you've been searching for. It is artistically created and sensuousness is its goal at all times. The way that the women touch each other, and even look at one another, is totally different and more adequately reflects the way that "real" lesbian sex is participated in. Each clip is fresh and unique. There are absolutely no picture sets to be had, but the clips are so rich and deep that you won't even miss them!

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