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Tonya World Review

Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-06-26
Last Updated: 2011-06-26

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Tonya World is a world filled with some of the best looking trannies you can find. The world of shemales is made better by this site, as you will see some incredibly awesome performers doing things that most performers do not do. I'll leave the rest a secret so that you get the same surprises I did when I visited here to do this review. I will tell you though that one of the things that makes this site stand out among other shemale sites is the fact that this site is so diversified, it's not all the same, and surely we can all admire a site that has not just white trannies, but ebony, Brazilian, as well as Asians too! Diversified does not stop there either, you will positively love all the costumes, such as soft and feminine lingerie, sexy nurse uniforms, leather as well as latex corsets, and even Army camouflage fatigues as well as other costumes and uniforms.

What will you see? Well first of all you'll see some of the greatest looking shemales around! Then too you will see some beautiful solo posing and masturbation, lots of sucking and fucking between not only straight men and shemales, but shemales with shemales and shemales with girls too, bondage and fetish sex, some interracial and even some bareback sex (which means sans rubbers).

This site has more than videos and pictures, for Tonya presents a catalogue, gives tour dates, has a personals section, a gift shop, fan mail, some really great shemale stories, Tonya's magazine covers, art, jokes and what have you! The stories were all written by Tonya under the absolutely hilarious pseudonym of Cemore Cox. There's more to do there than you would suspect! Be forewarned though that as great as this site is with its content, navigation is a complete nightmare. For instance rather than put all the picture sets all together as most do, these are split up into at least 7 to 8 different places, maybe more. You will definitely get lost here.

Each photo shoot, of which there are at least 99 of her girlfriends, has approximately 75 pictures with close to 120 different girlfriends/models. However, everywhere you turn, there are picture shoots. I would estimate now that there are at least 2,500 photo galleries all together. The picture section is all sorted out, so that you have a choice of Solo Girls, Hot Action, Kitty's Corner, Fetish Shoots, as well as Party Shoots. This does not include the plethora of picture shoots that Tonya has done! If you spent all day for a month, you would not exhaust what's here!

Because of the strange navigation here, I am not exactly sure of how many videos are here, but let's round it out to approximately 150 videos, shall we? The quality of the videos, as in all sites, gets better and better as one gets nearer the brand new ones on the site. You will even find iPod videos available here too, thus do look for those. They are under a different subset than the "new videos," "2011 videos," and "more videos." See what I mean about going battyshits here due to the navigation?


In conclusion, if it were not for the navigation problems, I would have loved this site so much more. The videos are excellent, and getting even better, and the pictures are exceptional as well. There is a ton of shemale material here, you'll just have to blunder around to find it, but it's worth looking for if you like shemales.

Score: 71


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 150+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 2500+ galleries (about 75 pics each)
Models 120

Pros & Cons

  • Stellar quality new videos
  • iPod videos available
  • Huge amount of exclusive and diverse content
  • Navigation is absolutely horrendous
  • Photo sets are not Zipped