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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-12-01
Last Updated: 2009-12-01

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Do you think you've seen it all? Well, even if you do, chances are that there are a few things you've not seen. Perhaps you missed them because you were drunk, or you were watching something else, or somebody else in a bar? This site is chock full of surprises, for you will see tons of naughty naked college girls, a few first-rate wet-T-shirt contests, masses of indiscriminate naked chicks, girls who get off masturbating, a couple of wild girl fights and when it's all done there's still more to see. In other words the site specializes on all caught on camera action, so that you won't miss a thing any more! Don't you love catfights? Girls who will roll around a dirty bar floor, pulling and tearing out each other's hair? These gals come out with their claws out, and many are the fingernail cuts! Thus, it's an amazing thing to see.

As soon as you enter the site, you are greeted by thumbnails that really give you an idea as to what kind of site this is, meaning that those pictures show drunk girls, naked girls, huge boobs, and all manner of cool stuff. At the very top of the page you will find Updates, Videos, Pictures, Store, Links and finally Free Previews. Down a bit further you will see the thumbnails for the latest updates, sorted out for you as to videos and pictures.

The videos are downloadable and definitely present to you what happens when college girls mix with college guys! Just seeing the girls chug-a-lugging huge bottles of beer, and you know what comes next. Sure enough they start to strip, showing off their young but very full breasts, tugging down their panties and their jeans, so that they are totally naked as they dance around to the cheers of the crowd, insert beautifully manicured nails in their snatch, and a few even enter their own assholes! Many of them have Private tattoos too that you will be privy to! This is all amateur footage at its best! The camera has captured hot public sex, drunken sluts, in addition to girls catfighting. You won't believe what these drunken hot sex parties are like, but you'll finally get to see what happens at real college parties as the alcohol flows and the girls get totally slutty! These hard partying sluts are getting drunker by the minute and looser by the second! The camera even catches them indulging beautiful hot girl on girl action!

Unfortunately, the site design, navigation, as well as the download options all need some form of improvement. As small as this site is, it's easy to get lost in it, and not see all the pictures you should for instance, or you can miss the video when looking over the pictures.

All together this site seems to have a total of 9 updates meaning that they have 9 videos for you to watch, most of them broken down into 4 -5 sections. The sections last about 2 minutes each. There are no video previews, and no writeups at all as to what you are going to see. One time, I clicked on a certain thumbnail but that video never showed. The videos can be downloaded in Windows Media (WMV) which results in an ok playback. Keep in mind that the majority of these videos were taken in crowds, drunken ones, thus the quality is definitely amateur.

As for pictures, there's a ton of those with the 9 updates. Each of the updates has over 65 pictures in each which is a sensible amount. Some of the pictures are dark because good lighting was simply not available. Much as I searched, I found no Zipped content on hand.

Not only will you receive entry into This Will Shock You, but you will also receive two other free bonus sites. The titles alone should tip you off as to their contents: Queen Hood Girl Fights, and When Girls Fight.


In conclusion, the site is filled with very interesting videos and pictures mostly depicting what goes on in bars that bring in hoards of college kids, all drinking and feeling liberated in their new sexual freedom. Most of the babes are very good looking with fresh young bodies. The dances they perform are totally sensuous, as are the fondling of their own bodies as they dance quasi-naked or fully naked at times. You will see wet-T-shirt contests that are totally depraved and oh, so much fun! Because so many of these babes are drinking to excess, catfights often break out to the enjoyment of the males who egg on one party or another. The girl-on-girl action on this site is excellent with soul kisses that will totally drive you wild. The site is small, it is unknown when they perform updates, and the navigation is deplorable, but if you wish to see college babes at their naughtiest, you will still enjoy this site.

Score: 71


Content Quality Average
Pricing Fair


Videos 9+ video clips (about 12 min each)
Pictures 9+ galleries (about 65 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Site sticks to niche
  • Very hot babes
  • Bonus sites
  • Small site-needs to grow
  • Updates are of an unknown time period
  • Navigation is undependable

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