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The Habib Show Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-12-24
Last Updated: 2009-12-24

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This site is all about Habib, the retired Arabian Quicky-Mart worker, who confesses that he quit his job in order to pursue an American dream - namely to get laid as well as get paid for it! He's right about the American dream, isn't he?

One word of caution though, if you do not use words like "niggas," and "hoes," this site will definitely not appeal to you, as it is filled with these terms over and over again with reference to black women especially. His travels include various "hoods" of Chicago, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Columbia, Bangkok, Mexico, Thailand and the Dominican Republic to mention only a few. It is definitely an "education" on how the other half lives. These are all 100 authentic hood characters, and you can expect a lot of ghetto booty here.

Reality shows are "in" on TV, and obviously on the Internet as well, as it does not get more "real" than this!

Between pimps, drug addicts, money hungry whores, and everything in between, this site has it and more! His descriptions of various episodes are written in genuine Ebonics, thus they are filled with the flavored superfluous spelling mistakes of someone with no English writing or proofing skills. The proverbial "wrong side of the tracks" is his "hood" no matter what country he visits, thus all of the women, as well as the men, filmed for this site are basically the poor and the uneducated. Habib is fond of saying that he will fuck anything, and truly he carries through with this thought.

All of the very nitty gritty videos shown, and there are over 78 of them, can be played as .WMV, DivX, or Flashed. They can be downloaded as full scenes and there are no license restrictions (DRM) on the site. The videos last approximately 37 minutes each. Each video has a preview, a scene description and a thumbnail that comes with it. You can click on the pictures right there too, which is a good move that I appreciated. Trust me when I say that this is all exclusive stuff, you will not see any of these women or men in other videos or pictures!

All of the pictures on the site are vid caps and seem to be related to each of the videos. The pictures come as an automatic slide show, which was interesting. Some of the women shown have good bodies, some are just sleazy, and some are very portly. There are over 78 picture galleries with slightly over 30 pictures in each.

There is a blog on the site that is highly descriptive of what Habib has been doing. Here's a quote from the blog so that you get the idea: "She pulls down her pants and she has a bug phatt pussy with a nice pussy ring on it. i start sucking and lickin the shit out of her pussy." Also, there are tons of video feeds available in the site. Not all of it is related to blacks, but it seems that it's all good hardcore stuff though.

The porn feeds are amazing. The porn is searchable so that no matter what it is you seek, it will be there! Granted some of the movies there are very old, but you'll be thoroughly amazed with the diversity of content!


In conclusion, this site is definitely worth your while if you are seeking the real nitty gritty of the black sex life as presented here. The site is undoubtedly one of a kind, and features some scenes that you will positively not believe. To say that this is black porn that is the nastiest and dirtiest is an understatement. If you are into ghetto booty, this is not the site you should pass up, as Habib carries his video camera everywhere, and surprisingly he is careful, donning a rubber each and every time he lays one of his "bootylicious" finds!

Score: 84


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