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Reviewed by: Sadie on 2009-10-29
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Since when did the common housewife become an object of desire? Part of the reason I turned lesbian in my youth is so that I wouldn't have to don an apron and cook a fat, hairy man pancakes while he belches the theme to Monday Night Football while pretending to read the morning paper when all he's looking for is a lingerie ad to wank it to in the bathroom before going to work. God, I really thought about this! And now with the porn site Suburban Amateurs, the paradigm soccer mom is on display as the star.

Well, that's true and it isn't. Suburban Amateurs isn't supposed to showcase the "suburban-style mom," per se; and if you ever see a soccer mom that looked like this, you should call child services. She's probably a prostitute - or at least a meth addict. I could never decide which was worse. I tried them both and I'm still undecided. The girls on Suburban Amateurs are supposed to be playing the role of Britain's finest amateurs. I'm not sure all these girls come from jolly ol' England, but if they do, I'm moving there.

The niche of the site is basically solo, with a few dyke scenes tossed in. From what I can tell, they have enough models there that anyone who likes chicks would be satisfied. It's a broad range of broads. You have plenty of blondes, brunettes, redheads, small tits, bigguns, shaved, hairy, etc. The site is loaded up with pictures and videos. Is it original? No, not really. How about captivating? Ah, I think they missed out there, too. But tons of hot chicks getting naked and boning their pussies with toys and fingers and other objects isn't that bad - not that bad at all.

There is tons of content on Suburban Amateurs with hundreds of girls to choose from. It's a very wide variety. You'll be able to watch hundreds of videos on the site, ranging in time from around 5 minutes to 15. You can watch the videos on-site or download them. The only downside here (that's a major downside if you ask me) is the fact that the videos are broken up into one minute clips that make it very annoying to try to enjoy. You can still watch the full length Flash version on the site or download the full file, but the quality isn't that great. Small sacrifice for so many chicks? You make the call. But on a higher note, you'll get to flex your naughty muscle to thousands of photo sets.

The site layout is easy enough to get a grasp on. Now, it's not winning any layout-of-the-year awards, but the navigation features are simple. Suburban Amateurs also updates regularly and offers up six bonus sites, where you get to see some girls actually having some sex and not simply going solo.

My only real knock on the site is the video option. I hate those broken down, retarded small video sizes! I guess I can't get too down on the site, since they do offer the full video. But the quality on the full-size vids isn't very great. This is a site, I think, for the admirer of solo girls. There's nothing hardcore or overly niche-specific about it. But it still makes for a decent site.


In total, I would say that Suburban Amateurs is a decent site with a lot of content, but it's also nothing to go crazy about. If you're a queer, you won't be turned straight by some stunning babe or anything like that. It's average porn - just a lot of it. The bonus sites make it a great deal, though, and there are plenty of photo sets for the still-frame lover in you.

Score: 87


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Videos 602+ video clips (about 10 min each)
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Pros & Cons

  • Regular updates
  • Lots of girls
  • Bonus sites
  • No HC on main site
  • Lack of quality options

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