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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-02-10
Last Updated: 2010-02-10

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If you did not already catch on, Snolyn is nylons backwards, but if you are a nylon fetishist, bet you already knew that. Snolyn is a specialty site, one that deals with various niches such as nylons, feet and everything associated with feet as well. The worst part of Snolyn is getting into the member site. The reason it's difficult to do so is because getting into the site is free, absolutely no cost, no password needed, nothing. However if you wish to view a video from the free list, then it will ask you for a login and password. That's a strange way to enter a site, but that's the way they've got it. Also, if you do not wish to become a member, then the videos are for sale separately, that you would see as part of your membership anyway.

There are currently 38 different videos available at Snolyn and they play in Real Media. Each of the videos are very short, most lasting from about 7 minutes each, though a few go for more, thus let's say the average is about 6 minutes. However, the videos are very clear and will definitely arouse you if you are a shoe or nylon fetishist, or a foot fetishist.

In watching one of the videos, a beautiful young lady came outside on a patio to smoke a cigarette. She was well dressed, with darkly hued hoes, and black patent leather sling back high heels. She sits down and crosses her legs, and you can immediately see her bare thigh above the smoky hose. The lady has beautiful legs as they are shown encased in the stockings. She begins to shake the foot that she crossed one over the other, and the shoe is released from the lady's heel. It dangles there for a long time, and she reached down to massage her leg a few times. Finally the shoe falls as she smokes her cigarette. Her empty foot stretches in the hose, wriggling her toes that are painted dark red, and finally she uses that shoeless foot to massage the other leg. It's all very studied, very precise, and meant to arouse the shoe/stocking/toes/arch fetishist. The lady has very high arches if you are into arches at all, I would hazard a guess that at one time she studied ballet.

In another video, I witnessed a young girl wearing what we Americans call bobby sox, but apparently for the British it is just known as socks. At any rate this young girl after much playing around taking off her high heels and putting them back on, finally gets on her cell phone and plays with herself using the heel of the of the shoe and finally gets an orgasm from doing so over her panties.

There are 79 different picture sets. Most of these have approximately 100 pictures each, but I am not sure at all that they are exclusive to this site. They are not Zipped. There are also hundreds of tranny pics.

One of the more interesting portions of this site is a very well done and exceedingly thorough Lexicon, giving examples of most of the words that are found in shoe fetishes. Some will possibly be new to you, especially if your love of nylons and feet is relatively novel to you, so be sure and look into the Lexicon. By the way, it seems only fair to mention that the site has won has won a few Euro Footerotic awards. There are some very interesting adult stories available as well.


In conclusion, if you are a foot fetishist or love nylons and feet, this site will undoubtedly satisfy you quite well. The videos are well photographed and obviously made by those who are fetishists. The lexicon of fetish words illustrated by very small thumbnails will eventually allow you to understand more about the fetishes.

Score: 70


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 63+ video clips (about 7 min each)
Pictures 79+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Adheres very well to the niche
  • Videos are well made showing what we need to see
  • Lexicon is fascinating
  • Illustrated stories
  • Downloads are very slow even for the best connection
  • Site is exceedingly difficult to figure out
  • Poor navigation