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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-05-25
Last Updated: 2013-08-12

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Share Adult is a site that pertains to all that the amateur people have sent in to share. There's assfucking, regular fucking, fucking with a champagne bottle, anal fisting, fucking with wine bottles, BDSM, girls on girls, the list is positively endless, and all of it is sex oriented in every way! There are literally thousands of amateur pictures. There's even one of a gal holding up a fake cunt for her guy to fuck, I kid you not!

The site itself could be a good bit better. There's no inventiveness, and definitely no creativity about it. For instance, there's been no breakdown on the picture galleries, other than a few meager ones, that you'll see listed as soon as you enter the site. The breakdowns involve different Galleries. For example there is the choice of an Ass, Asian. Blowjob 1, 2, 3, Ebony and finally Boobs Gallery, 1-3. Not too inventive, I fully agree. All the rest of the galleries simply say Picture Gallery and then the number after it. At the time of writing this, they'd reached Picture Gallery 30.

Many of the pictures seem to be self-taken, though there are a huge amount of pictures that seem to be taken at nude beaches. Some of the solo ones show gals playing with themselves, and the majority of the females on this site are definitely not in Milf category, but rather young and tender females who are just now realizing what they've got!

Dorm type rooms abound, though some of the shots do show girls who seem to have gotten drunk in motels, and such. Of course, amateurs must send in the ubiquitous shower pics, in fact there are many of those! There are not as many tattoos as I thought there would be, but I live in a biker town, so tramp stamps are common here.

There are live video cams, and there is one bonus site: Adult DVD Hits. The site updates every day with whatever people have sent in to them. The list of different types of adult porn being portrayed runs from the simple fuck videos to the truly shocking ones, and yes, stuff you do not expect to see. If you click on a video gallery you are taken to thumbnail video caps of each. One of the videos that I watched involved a very young couple, who began with playing with her cunt and suddenly she reaches for some lube and a humongous black dildo. They stick it up her cunt and meanwhile he ass fucks her. Got to say that action was pretty damn hot!

Most of the videos run about 20 minutes, though there are some that only run for about 5 minutes. It all depends on the couple or the solos and how quickly they get done. Some of the videos are grainy, some incredibly clear.

This stuff is definitely amateur porn, as most of them are badly lit, and the sound is pretty bad, but for those of us who have voyeur in our blood, this is definitely one of the better amateur sites around!


If indeed you have a lot of voyeurism in your sexual desires, then this site will definitely satisfy that desire you may have to peek at others performing some sort of sexual depravity for you to watch. Most of the women on the Share Adult videos and pictures are sweet young things. I suspect the majority of them are college gals, though there are a few who may be slightly older, but not much. Again, that's a generalization about the site. Pop yourself in there and you may find that it's exactly what you want! There's a terrific amount of content here, and sifting through it all is at least half the fun, the rest of the fun is in the discoveries you will make along the way!

Score: 74


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Videos 3500+ video clips (about 10 min each)
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Pros & Cons

  • Tons of amateur pics
  • Overflowing with amateur videos
  • Ultra simple navigation
  • Utterly simple site, colorless and drab
  • Quality varies
  • Frustrating site design

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