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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-05-31
Last Updated: 2013-10-27

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This great site contains more real amateur pictures than most sites even think about. The amateur babes are getting totally naked for you, as well as getting photographed while they are having sex with their boyfriends, and more. Lots of sites claim to be amateur-driven, but this is definitely the real thing. In fact, I understand that if you submit a picture of your own girlfriend, you'll get a free entry into the site. Every month they also give out a prize or two to the best "see my girlfriend" pictures. Cute gimmick, I like! By the way, they promise to update five or more times a day, daily!

Once you are inside the site, the first page contains the various navigation links, including such headers as recommended, girlfriends pictures, mixed amateurs, amateur videos, cool paysites and finally support. The movies are WMV formatted and played very well on my computer. The various movies that one can download are of course dependent on who took them, and with what, and how much lighting there was, but whooh, did I ever find some good ones! Granted none of the videos are DVD quality, but after watching one or two, I seriously did not give a flying fuck. What I saw was nothing to give out Emmy's for, but they were unbelievably hot, and I very much felt the professional voyeur watching them.

There are links all over the site inviting you to send either your pictures or videos in, and it surely must work, given the choices that they already have. It's a totally humongous site. The site is just so filled with goodies, that it was hard just landing somewhere and staying there. There are masturbation videos with solo chick stuff. There's a tremendous amount of fucking and cock sucking videos to see too. Can't say that I was especially surprised to find other stuff like threesomes, anal fucking and guys that cum on their girlfriend's faces or body, as well as all kinds of luscious play with toys of all manners and sizes. Again, I cannot overemphasize that whatever you desire, it's going to be there.

Given that this is member supported, the content is always fresh and new.. It is at all times nice to behold Real Orgasms, without fake acting and definitely without muscle actors. The tits are probably 99.9 real in all those pics and videos too.

As for the pictures, it amazed me how high quality the babes were. One has to keep in mind that none of these pictures are airbrushed, this is how those women look like for real! The site is bursting with good pictures. Even if you don't get that much out of pictures, make sure you at least "stray" over to the picture section, and if you are like me, you'll probably get sucked right in. Speaking of sucking, it is also quite fun to watch the cock sucking, for these gals try so damn hard to swallow those dicks, it's truly heartwarming to watch.

It appears that many of the submitters of their girlfriend pics and videos come from all over the world, and that did surprise me. Also the site is exceedingly careful that the people in the photos and videos are 18+ and that the girlfriends have released the pictures and such to the site.


So, if you are a voyeur, or wish you were a voyeur, you will simply be very keen on See My Girlfriend. It appears that those in the videos are exceptionally proud of their "work" under the sheets as well, no, I take this back none of them are actually "under" the sheets, it's all out there for you to view. The site is particularly well done and I have to say that I was very turned on watching them, and I had a ball at the site. You take that any way you like, but I am confident you'll be fond of this site, I know for a fact that I indisputably did.

Score: 77


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Pricing Fair


Videos 3348+ video clips (about 3 min each)
Pictures 5140+ galleries (about 10 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Quantity is quite large
  • Quality of site itself is excellent
  • Wonderful use of the concept
  • Content appears to be added daily
  • The "user submitted" videos tend to be very short
  • I'd like to see videos and pics separated into "types"
  • Quality of videos varies.

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