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Playboys Sexy Wives Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-09-05
Last Updated: 2013-09-30

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In general when speaking of sexy wives, most guys call them MILFs, or Mothers I'd Like to Fuck, but that occasionally brings to mind older women, perhaps women who are past their prime. Leave it to Playboy to bring new meaning to women who are wives, right? Sexy? Wow, that's like calling a 10-course gourmet dinner at the White House a snack! These wives are more than sexy, of course.

If anything can be said that's extremely negative about this wondrous site, is that you will need to wade through more upsells than you've ever seen at any site! They try harder than ever to get you to buy something from them!

Forgetting about the upsells, what will you see? Well, naturally you will see some of the most beautiful women possible, that's a given since this is Playboy. Some of them have been gifted with natural tits, and some have been gifted by their cosmetic surgeon, but all are in great shape! Each of ladies in question has a delightfully full bio that makes for interesting reading just like the Playboy printed issue does! Yes, it's softcore so that the women pose in elegant lingerie, sexy swimwear and such and, eventually, strip it all off for full nudity in both the photo sets and videos.

At the moment there are roughly 145 videos to be watched, which last approximately 5 minutes each. Of course these are in Hi Def. as if you'd expect any less. The site has no DRM restrictions, so you can download away, and there are no download limits. The movies are professionally made and are as crystal clear as possibledownright gorgeous, and the high-def Windows Media files are beyond gorgeous when played back! Of course, they've made provisions for multi-bandwidths, as well as offering downloads in MP4s for your "take-away porn" needs! You can also get videos as MPEG formats, and of course the videos can be Flash streamed.

As for picture sets, there are approximately 135 of those, with approximately 30 pictures per set. Yes, these are hi res. pics, and they are simply gorgeous! It is important to note that not all sets have been Zipped for ease in downloading. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

As for updates, it appears that there is a new girl about every two weeks, but fear not, you will also be able to look at other Playboy sites while you wait! Navigation can be a bit difficult at times due to all the upsells already mentioned. There are different tabs to navigate to the six diverse incorporated sites, or you can always click back to the gateway find the main Playboy member page.

Some guys are disappointed with the fact that Playboy only shows solo nudity with the occasional hint of masturbation and they say that it is too tame. My own view is that nothing is as sexy as what my mind can do, and it does plenty with these incredibly gorgeous girls!

Just a note on this review. This site is no longer under the name Playboy Sexy Wives. It has been integrated with Playboy Plus. The content remains much the same style, but the number of videos and picture sets has increased under the new site banner. We recommend you take the tour and check it out for yourself.


This Playboy site is what you'd expect from Playboy -- some of the most gorgeous MILFs and sexy wives that can be found. It's all done with the very best cameramen around, and the best photographers too! The results are, as you should expect, simply spectacular, and it's all accomplished in the inimitable Playboy style.

Score: 82


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Videos 145+ video clips (about 5 min each)
Pictures 135+ galleries (about 30 pics each)

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  • Excellent quality Hi def. videos
  • Excellent quality Hi res. photos
  • Bonus sites
  • Discounted price for our readers
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