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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-11-10
Last Updated: 2009-11-10

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This is of course, a network pass containing some standard hardcore niche collections, but also huge sites devoted to various specialized niches as well. The best example I can come up with is the site called Hairy Arms. Now, that is a specialized niche for sure.

The network pass will include access to all of their sites, which is why it's called My All Access Pass. Thus you will see, among others:

My Sex Life - A very special site of a truly hot amateur named Lori Anderson who even holds several weekly cam shows.

Hairy Arms - Yet another Lori Anderson site, where she shows off her hairy arms, and her friend's hairy arms as well.

Fried Rice Fuckers - All Asian babes who suck cock and fuck too.

Amateur Dumb Fucks - Airheads suck dick, and get fucked.

Hot Bitch High - Tons and tons of 18 year olds who show off their sexual skills on camera.

Real Tampa Swingers - Classically common swingers' site filled with snatch licking, blowjobs, fucking and more!

Big Black and White - Very hot white chicks coupled with attractive black men for sexual thrills.

Fuck Me Grandpa - Dirty old men making it with much younger babes.

I Love Small Tits - Girls with petite boobs with grand appetites for sex of all kinds.

Wam Girls - A healthy mix of food and sex, such as chocolate syrup, etc.

Taco Pie - What else could this be, but hot Latina girls?

Cum Lovers - Stunning girls who love cum all over them or in their mouths.

Cock Ring Hand Jobs - Cock ringed dicks receiving hot hand jobs from even hotter gals.

Shemuscle Gym - Bodybuilding and fitness females showing off their sport and their muscular bodies.

Squirter Girls - Very hot females who spray cum everywhere when they orgasm.

Sweet Camgirl - Personal site of Lori, a very petite gal who enjoys many fetishes, girl on girl exploits, and enticingly hot dildo play.

Sweet Cum Girl - Lori Anderson with friends participating in cum swallowing, facials and cumshots, of course!

Wack My Meat - Lori Anderson with a tutorial on how to give hand jobs!

Pure Abuse - Femdom against male subs. You will need a strong constitution to go through this site!

Just Right Height - The only site I know of where the specialty is fucking midgets!

POV Auditions - Girls sucking cock from the point of view of the man being sucked.

Each of these sites is amateur driven and all are definitely hardcore. The various themes of each are also filled with tremendous entertaining pleasure. Many of the scenes will amaze you as well. Most of the video quality is quite good, and all offer streaming. Each site is updated separately, but few sites have update information. Videos are all downloadable, as are the pictures. All the sites together, probably have over 4,900 videos each taking about 15 minutes each, and all videos can be Flashed. Also downloads of videos come in Zipped files.

You should be aware that not everything is totally exclusive. For instance there are duplicate videos on some sites, which have been passed around the network. Generally this involves some Lori Anderson content.

There appears to be approximately 2,200 photo galleries, each containing an average of 100 pictures. None of them appear to be Hi-res pictures, many are vidcaps, and none seem to have Zipped picture files. Here and there, there are photosets that simply do not belong in the particular site. For instance there is "Lily Colored Bottles" and "es set 03." However, the sites have just so many pictures that it can be forgiven.


In conclusion, if you are searching for a site that contains a tremendous amount of hardcore material, as well as many fetish sites that are considered downright obscure, you will absolutely revel in owning this all important pass. Not everything is totally exclusive, but the majority is. With 21 separate sites to pore over, let's hope your poor cock can take it, and you do not wear it away! The videos are mostly shown in good quality, and the pictures can also be rated good. None of the sites have DRM, a license restriction, and none of them have any download amount restrictions either. Finally, there are a lot of ads on each of the sites, but if you can simply overlook them, you should be quite happy with this!

Score: 81


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 4900+ video clips (about 15 min each)
Pictures 2200+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Highly interesting obscure fetish sites
  • Tons of content
  • No download restrictions
  • Good quality of both videos and pics
  • No date stamps
  • Many ads
  • Quality could be better

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