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Mandy T Girl Review

Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-05-25
Last Updated: 2010-05-25

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If you have not already guessed, Mandy is a transvestite who has her own site. Mandy has wholesome good looks as a tranny, what with those gorgeous blue eyes, that svelte figure, perky breasts and a delicateness that many females would envy with her soft pale skin. I think that you'll agree with me that Mandy absolutely oozes sex appeal. At the same time, Mandy has a pretty large cock, and she has had her testicles removed. In addition, Mandy is very outspoken, and because of it, she fits into any group, and is respected everywhere. Part of her attractiveness to others is that she herself is attracted to all body types, all genders, sizes as well as colors. You will note that the site contains a lot of translesbian coverage. You'll also get to witness Mandy with some genetic girls too! This alone makes Mandy a loveable t-girl!

Mandy's body as mentioned is quite interesting, mostly due to her slimness. You will, however be intrigued by the large tattoo that is on her lower back though, as it is extremely unique.

You will find that above all, Mandy is very much into BDSM, as both a Dominant and a submissive, though her leanings are more toward the submissive side of her. She enjoys being tied, as you'll see in the videos, and can sublimate some pain, again as shown in the videos. The video that shows all this is accompanied by 158 amazing photos by the way! Mandy suspended in ropes is an astounding sight.

Currently this site needs some growth, although of course, it has completely exclusive content. At the moment, you'll find approximately 22 videos. In general these last approximately 15 minutes each. These videos are full-length videos, but not sectioned off which some prefer when they have a dial up Internet connection. The movies do not stream, and if you are downloading them, it's a bit slow. The site has no license restrictions (DRM) or protection. You will also find that there is no download limit, thus you may download at will. The video formats are Windows Media (wmv.) as well as QuickTime (.mov). As always, you will be glad for some of the QuickTime videos as they will bring you the best as well as the clearest videos when in Hi def. Only some of the videos are in Hi def., but unfortunately there are no streaming provisions made, nor are there provisions for multi-bandwidth offered either.

The site also has some glorious pictures. These are in Hi res. making them clear and extremely colorful. There are over 49 picture sets, and each contains on average of about 100 pictures in each. Although the pictures are great, appear to be shot by a professional photographer and are very explicit, unfortunately they are not Zipped for your downloads, thus if you wish some of the pictures, you will have to download each separately.

Along with Mandy T Girl, you will receive another Tranny bonus site by the name of T Girl Videos.


In conclusion if you like t-girls then this site will please you very much. Mandy is a great looker, even without makeup, and you'll find that what's being shown in both the Hi-def. videos, and the Hi res. pictures is well worth your time. For those who seek bareback action you'll see that some do and some do not.

Score: 74


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 22+ video clips (about 15 min each)
Pictures 49+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Content is exclusive
  • Hi res. pictures
  • Some videos are in Hi def.
  • Slow downloads
  • No streaming
  • No Zipped picture sets