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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-08-22
Last Updated: 2011-08-22

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Just Nips is basically what the name of the site says you will see, more and more nipples than you've ever dreamed of! There are inverted nipples, big juicy nipples, tiny feminine nipples, huge gargantuan nipples, nipples dripping milk and all of them are surrounded by aureoles, some of the softest, crinkliest aureoles you've ever seen. What's cool about the site is that these are all amateurs, and they go totally nude for you. The girls here range from 18 Years Old with youthful tender nipples, to pure hotties, MILFs, cougars and even beyond that, so that you will see a total representation of boobs and nips!

Most of their girls are from the United States, even Hawaii, however they also have girls from Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Guatamala, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, the Philipines, and Spain just to name a few different countries. You will love the way that their videos try to show how each girl's breasts and nipples move, which is what most breast men want to see, it's just so tantalizing to them. Thus you will see boobs that collide with other boobs, nipples that are flicked, and pulled. You'll also see them react to jumping jacks, as they shake, bounce, jiggle and swing or hang freely.

If you prefer to watch boobs like most men do, you will not want males in the videos or shots, you want the man to be you watching the nipples, so this is great! This site understands that so thoroughly that there are no men whatsoever in either their shots or videos, ever! The models here are all amateurs basically, and although the predominance is white girls, there are some blacks and some Asians here too.

There are currently 2104 videos on the site, and they play for an average of 35 minutes each. There are some very high quality high density (HD) MOV movies and you may play or download as many as you desire. With most, you may take the whole movie or you can download them in clips. I absolutely love the long texts that accompany each video so that you know what to expect and what to look for. Wish more sites did that! There are no videos that stream though, and that was too bad.

There are a whopping 570 different picture galleries here. Many of them have over 200 images, but the average is approximately 135 images per gallery. These are very high quality photos, giving you photos sized 1200X800. You may download at will, and they are all Zipped for you. Some of the close up pictures of these breasts and nipples will actually have you salivating! Be prepared, all thumbnails on this site are absolutely huge, which is very refreshing. I dearly loved the way that the pictures could be played in a slideshow because they always start off clothed, and then go from there in the correct order!

Their close ups are positively outstanding, and some of their pussy shots would make a gynecologist sit up and take notice, they are that close! You will see pussies up close and personal for sure, and you may just stick out your tongue like Pavlov's dogs did in his famous experiment!


In conclusion, it's a wonderful site if you like boobs and nipples with some outstanding close ups that will have you positively drooling. Updates are coming in regularly, the videography and photography is excellent and the girls are all amateurs. You'll love how this site specializes in moving breast shots!

Score: 81


Content Quality Very Good
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Videos 2300+ video clips (about 35 min each)
Pictures 570+ galleries (about 135 pics each)
Models 586

Pros & Cons

  • Loads of material, all amateurs
  • Excellent close ups
  • Good to excellent videos
  • Zipped photos
  • New galleries need dates
  • New videos need dates
  • Need more "model" information
  • No streaming