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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-03-28
Last Updated: 2011-03-28

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Imagine, if you will, a site where you can choose a very erotic story, and have it told to you by a silken voice that seems to sit on your shoulder and relay it to you as if they were right there in the same room as yourself? Basically that's what goes on at Hot Talking, and that's why it's called thus.

The site is a very well run brainchild that ties together fantasies and allows the user to experience a story of their own choosing that totally encompasses their own fantasies. Now, that's definitely hot! There are both male and female performers for you to choose, so that even if you are searching for gay sex from a male, it's available. I especially like the myriad of choices that they offer you for subject matter, such as: Anal Sex, Analingus, Cheating, Cream Pie, Cuckold, Editors Choice, Encouragement, Fantasy, Domination, Food Play, Fingering, Group Sex, Humiliation, Incest, Interracial, Kinky, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mature, Old and Young, Oral Sex, Pregnant, Sensual, Sex Sounds, Spanking, Staff Favorite, Teen, Top Seller, Traditional Sex and finally Voyeurism!

The most interesting part though, which will get you going prior to choosing a story is to look over the readers available, all the talent as it were. When you click on one you will find a wonderful profile telling you all about the voice you will hear. Most of them have a thumbnail of their face, though some have decided to show only upper body if they are very well endowed, for example. Click on your choice out of the 18 models currently available and you'll be able to read a personal message first, such as "I have real tits, and I love to rub them as I read a story, so choose mine because I am really horny!" to give you an idea. You will get a chance to "audition" their voice to see if it turns you on, and read all about what turns that person on as well as off.

Some of the Likes and Interests are very detailed, which makes for adventuresome reading that will stimulate your fantasy about the person. Now, I have found that the cost will vary according to the talents of the writer/reader, but one example is 1.29 for an 8 minute story that has been rated as Scorching. Or another that costs 2.50 for 4 minutes and 6 seconds that has also been rated as Scorching, but on another subject all together different.

There are also albums for sale. Albums are a collection of various stories that fit into a certain genre and thus you will receive more than one story, thereby reducing the cost. For example currently there are 10 different tracks of anal sex stories for sale at 11.00. Thus you are getting a bargain at only 1.00 per story. When read, of course that includes the many sounds that may go with the story, as the readers not only write "Ahhhh" but bring those sounds to your ears in a listener approved theatrical manner.


In conclusion, this is a new market of sound for sale in the form of readings of hot stories read by your reader of choice, and reading written works that fit into the genre you desire, such as anal sex stories, or sex stories all about cuckolding. The readers provide the sounds as well, thus completing the experience for you.

Score: 75


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair
Updates Regular


Models 18
Articles 70

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to utilize
  • Great choices of genres
  • Wide assortment of readers
  • Albums may contain stories that are not in your genre
  • Some readers may need theatrical lessons
  • Subjects and genres may be too broad