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Reviewed by: Tyler on 2017-11-01
Last Updated: 2017-11-01

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Granddadz is a fairly unique site. I've seen a few similar sites that aim for this kind of fetish, older-younger action and don't quite make it. That's usually because the guys they find to play the granddads are not quite up to the job, but here they get it right. I'm not sure if the old men on this site were once nubile young porn stars (did they have porn stars in the 1930s?), but they are certainly up to the demanding job of satisfying young nymphs in hardcore scenes.

What we have here are 81 exclusive scenes, with a new one being added every two weeks, where the girls are in their 20s, and where the men are 50 or 60 years plus. They are studly enough, though some are getting a bit flabby, they are grey and bearded, or clean shaven and a bit trimmer, and they play out mild scenarios; a nurse sees to her elderly patient and gives him the full treatment; that kind of thing. Every other week, or when the site feels like it, they add a bonus scene from elsewhere, so you get something new each week, but these are not always on the same theme. There are also more bonus scenes than originals, giving you a total of 174 movies to watch.

The main movies are around 20 + minutes in length and are fine for quality, well filmed and do the trick when it comes to getting off with your '60 into 20 will go' fetish. And 60 goes into 20 quite often and always to a cum finale. You land on the home page and recent scenes, so that's easy enough, and you can filter out the bonuses by viewing the bonus area, but you can't filter out the exclusives. You'll know which is which though as they are clearly marked.

Open a scene and find your viewing options: 1,920 x 1,080 HD, 1,280 x 720 HD and one at 540p. These are all Mp4 files and can be downloaded or streamed in the same resolutions. The quality is good, and there are galleries with the main movies, with around 60 + pics each. These are also good quality and a large size, you can run slideshows and take solo pics one at a time if you want. I had no qualms about quality, and each scene worked fine for me.

The site is limited after that: no model index, no other extras and only 81 older/younger scenes, but there are a few interactive options, links to other sites for cams and so on, and there are brief descriptions with each movie. You're being asked to pay nearly 30.00 per month for this, and that's okay as there are exclusive and hard to find older/younger fetish scenes here that you won't see anywhere else. The bonuses add some variety, and the site is being maintained.


There are not many porn sites around that feature guys of this age, and it has to be your thing in order to get off with it. But if old men and younger girls is your fantasy then you're going to want to see Graddaddz in all its rather limited glory. Limited because there are only 81 scenes and not a lot of extras. On the other hand, whereas other sites in this small niche fail, this one wins out and gives you exactly what the tour promises you.

Score: 77


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair
Updates Regular
Ads Reasonable


Videos 81+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 81+ galleries (about 60 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive older/younger scenes
  • HD streams and downloads
  • Cute babes and crinkly cronies
  • Easy to use and interactive
  • More bonuses than exclusives
  • Main movie updates every two weeks
  • Not exactly cheap
  • Not a large site

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