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Gogo Bar Auditions Review

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Reviewed by: Tyler on 2017-03-06
Last Updated: 2017-03-06

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I've never been to Thailand, but if I ever do, I'm going to make sure I check out the bar where these girls work. Better than that, I'll get myself a job as the guy who hires them. That's because these babes will do just about anything for the position as a hostess at the pole dancing bar, and that includes full on fuck sessions with the chap who does the hiring and firing.

What we have here is a site that's been around for a year now, that has exclusive content, and that has given us a new twist to the more common Asian hardcore theme. There are these cute 20-something Thai babes, and they are after a job at the bar. They will have to dance and look sexy, and they may be expected to do that little bit extra for their customers. So, the guy in charge sits them down, chats to them for a while, watches them dance and then gets them to strip. After that, well, all horny hell breaks loose as he uses her for his own pleasure while the HD cameras continue to roll. So, our poor little things have a three-stage audition that ends with them getting a messy facial or creampie.

The sex is okay, the site is fine, except it's a bit small and not very interactive. It started out in 2016 and so far, has only 35 scenes. It adds a new one every couple of weeks, so the update schedule is not very fast. But what is here is good. You have HD movies at 1,920 x 1,080 and in Mp4, with a 720p one and one at 480p which should do for your phone. Each 30-minute scene (average) comes with a set of screen caps to check out and a digital gallery with around 100 pics each. There are zip files for both. There is also a model index with 35 girls and links to their video - but no stats or details.

Moves have a written description, and that's it: no rates, comments, add to favourites or extras like that. For extras, you will have to check the bonus videos, and there were 49 of these when I went to take a look. These are your more standard hardcore Asian fare, with hot chicks and white dicks, and decent quality videos, though not exclusive like the rest of the Go Go Bar Auditions content.

There is one last thing to be aware of (two actually): there are two membership levels, and the first is for streaming only. They call it a trial but it's actually a monthly recurring deal. The costlier one comes with downloads as well, and there are longer term offers where you can get a discount. Secondly: watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on the join page.


Yeah, okay, nice enough but I'd like to see more at Go Go Bar Auditions. More content, more frequent updates, more interactive options, and more extras to justify what's quite a high price for a small site even though it is exclusive. On the other hand, what's here is good and well worth seeing if you like subservient and cute, willing and wanton Thai babes dancing, stripping and fucking for you in HD videos.

Score: 78


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Expensive
Updates Regular
Ads Reasonable


Videos 35+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 35+ galleries (about 100 pics each)
Models 35

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive content
  • Hot models
  • Good quality and HD
  • A new twist on standard Asian porn
  • Small site
  • Slow updates
  • Downloads cost more
  • Not interactive

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