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Fort Lauderdale Babes Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-05-25
Last Updated: 2010-05-25

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If anyone mentions Ft. Lauderdale, the first thing that pops up in people's minds is "Where the Boys Are" and Spring Break! Well, that's what this site is all about, as the creator of the site goes to the beach and other hangouts where college girls are found, and then from there he suggests they be in a video he's making. Of course, there's money involved too, thus he's receives a lot of yesses.

Within Ft. Lauderdale Babes are of course the babes. Not that there are not other videos involving a horny camera crew patrolling the beaches and other areas that are frequented by hopefully young and very attractive women. I don't know about you, but why is it that the camera crew is always composed of young attractive men? Often it's very easy to get these girls on camera, because they come to Ft. Lauderdale to realize their innermost sex fantasies, and get drunk, sometimes first one then the other. The babes on this site are certainly gorgeous, and very uninhibited, just the way that good porn ought to be. This is of course a hardcore site, thus you'll see fucking and sucking, and other goodies there.

Ft. Lauderdale Babes has over 70 various videos for you to watch. There are at least 64 different models on this site, making up an army of delightful pussy, wide smiles and rolling round asses, not to mention all those breasts! Hmmmlet's see 64 X 2 is an amazing 128 tits! No wonder I liked this site. The videos are split into 5 or 6 parts for you. Their pornstar gallery is exceptional with large thumbnail pictures of each pornstar accompanied by her name. Click on her and you'll be taken to her videos. Now to be fair with this site, a few of the girls were not gotten from Ft. Lauderdale, some were met elsewhere, such as Vegas and such. This certainly does not take away from their beauty, but I thought you might be interested.

Each of the movies play in delightful Windows Media, and last about 5 minutes long per section, thus about 25 minutes, and are well taken with apparently a good camera and the person taking the videos is a good videographer. That's always important even in these "reality" videos.

There are over 66 pictures in the 70 picture galleries on this site. Occasionally the pictures made me wonder if the photographer was a contortionist as they interview the model supposedly with only one guy there, but there are photos of him entering her from behind with his own butt in the picture. That's gotta hurt!

They have a strange way of presenting the pictures here too. When you click on a girl, then click for her pictures, they come up on the screen and all you need do is to scroll down the screen to look at the pictures. The pictures are absolutely lovely, and there are a lot of them, but that prevents you from downloading any of the pictures, unfortunately. Thus, you won't find a Zipped format either to download them.


In conclusion, if college-aged chicks on Spring Break turn you on, you should like this site very much. The babes are just that pure babes, and the videos of them playing with themselves, getting fucked, or giving blow jobs are fabulous. There is no evidence of any updates, thus site may or may not be abandoned. If it is, it's still worth one month's subscription.

Score: 75


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 70+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 70+ galleries (about 66 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Great pictures
  • Great videos
  • Tons of good-looking babes
  • No downloading of pictures
  • Unable to find any update times

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