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Exploited College Girls Review

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Reviewed by: Dave on 2009-05-28
Last Updated: 2018-08-29

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Who does not wish to become a student when there are such adorable College Girls to be exploited? Enter the campus and take up the mandatory course on Anatomy of Love - the easy and convenient sensual way! Try the free bonus offers after remaining a member for one month. It will take you to perhaps the famous casting couch! Today's opener was Julie and Oh boy - did she open? If community colleges breed such exploited teens then it hardly matters if one is a co-ed student or a loving professor in biology. Perhaps you would like to have a birthday bash with Ashley where 18 candles come in handy! Caroline's sensuality goes beyond her 23 years as she wiggles in and out of the dormitory and into the class rooms. One never thought that the Internet will house a curvy university college that works or studies overtime!

Some of the first videos take you on a virtual campus tour that illustrate that studying can be such fun. Anyone who graduates from the "Exploited College Girls" clutches can become the best anatomical physiotherapist or a beautician. Clear videos and magnetic images make your browsing experience quite memorable. Ever thought of meeting a Persian princess answering to the name of Zeba and watching her undulate to the scintillating tune of the Arabian Nights Rhapsody, on a Persian magic carpet? All this made possible in a history class of how the Middle East was won.

In exploited college girls we can go as far as the Far East with Jesse as she brings the hospitality of Vietnam and makes us forget the gory past. Jenny on the other hand is a bunny cheerleader who not only cheers you up but also leads you over the rainbow! There are so many names to remember and so much to see. Updated videos are claimed to be exclusive and keep you busy for hours ensuring that your bandwidth keeps ticking like mad. Only the first page squeezed out 3.5 MB of my bandwidth and I had not even clicked the video button. Scenes and clips are well managed, documented and indexed. Most of them are very clear, catering to most tastes. What more does the average college fan desire? The pricing is quite normal for such adult sites and financial transaction through the known CCBill channel. One can experience that most visitors have a good opinion of Exploited College Girls website and they give a high rating. It does compare well with the other popular adult website in the series of Big Tits At School.

We also wonder after browsing through this website that if college is such fun why not a majority of our youngsters think of majoring in one subject or the other? It is a great way to get an exposure to the intricacies of life and also become a truly sociable person in the long run.


Exploited College Girls is a website worth visiting and even becoming a permanent member. For the young in body this co-ed institution on Adult Internet will offer many new ideas while for those elderly experienced folks the young girls will offer a great chance at exploitation,fun,and teaching!

Score: 88


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  • Exclusive coverage and videos
  • Updating is regular
  • High definition video quality
  • Composing of clips, scenes and videos is quite professional
  • More video formats will help
  • Layout could be a bit monotonous

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