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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-05-20
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To some this will be a brand new type of porn site, however although it has been done before, this seems to be the granddaddy of them all! Chances are that even you yourself, have had some rather risqu photos taken or perhaps have made a video of yourself while in a compromising position? However the end result was that you missed being placed on Ex GF Pass unlike most of the females shown on this site.

You see, many of these ladies ended up on this site solely because they are ex-girlfriends of some sort and although they are user submitted, it is certainly a fun conjecture to make about how they ended up being left here in such embarrassing poses and such. So, in Ex GF Pass you will see many amateur couples, super horny college students and of course exs who have sent this company some of their dirtiest photos as well as videos each and every day! This particular site, Ex Gf Pass, created by Pretty In Cash, thus now has the leading collection of cumshots, those great first time anal, self-conscious posing teens and of course drunken party girls online! Once you are inside this site, you simply enter their members area which you will find is filled to the brim with those ex-girlfriend revenge pics and also you will find those very special just hot nude girlfriends porn videos here as well. All we can say is that If you are into homemade amateur teen porn videos, you will have no reason at all to look any further.

What this means to you is that the site is not just pictures. You see there are many people who wish to see themselves in porn videos. What happens next is that those videos are sent forth to such sites as this one. They may well be amateur videos that are shot without the benefit of a director, a great videographer, superb make-up and hairstyles, but what you see has the special nitty gritty that unplanned spontaneous sex contains. Of course, we all know that this kind of sex is actually the best kind of sex possible.

Ex GF Pass is made up of eight different sites inclusive of Ex GF Pass, and therefore contains the following sites which limit each or if you wish, serves as a perfect filing album. Teen GFs, Suicide GFs, Jizz GFs, Boozed GFs, Sister Reunion, MILF Uploads and Ex GF TV. Currently there are over 2500 exclusive movies, 4200 exclusive photo sets, 95 or more exclusive amateur models, with an update frequency of about every 15 minutes. They are very diligent about it, and also have endeavored to get ahead technically as well.

However, for the moment, this particular grouping of sites is a vast collection of amateurs. As you can imagine many of those are so wrapped up in the throes of pure passion when being filmed, they are unaware of the little red light that shows that the video machine is not only on but is avidly recording everything that is occurring before it.


In conclusion, this is one of those sites that probably fueled the current dearth of tremendous reality shows that we are currently being bombarded with. Back when Ex GF PASS was being created we humans had already evinced a desire to go into another person's bedroom, thus when a site such as this one came about we embraced it vehemently. We suppose that humans are basically voyeurs as these kinds of sites elicit great draws, however few of them are of the quality this one is in. With a tremendous amount of categories which one may search in, you will find all that you crave for.

Score: 88


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Pros & Cons

  • Huge collection of amateur videos and pictures
  • Excellent keyword search tool
  • Flash as well as MP4 and WMV downloads available
  • Incredible fast updates daily
  • Video quality fluctuates
  • Low resolutions are a given on some videos and pictures

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